Previous LIME talks

See below for all LIME talks held at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics

# 1: CLEOS - Removing Barriers To Effective Use of Clinical Knowledge (18 August 2020)

Presenters: David Zakim and Helge Brandberg

Host: Carl Johan Sundberg

# 2: Rediscover the missing link between research and practice – implementation research projects in India, Indonesia and Sweden (13 October 2020)

Presenter: Prof Nawi Ng

Host: Kristina Burström/Gert Helgesson

# 3: How can research evidence inform decision making in health care: lessons from experience (5 November 2020)

Presenter: Sir Chris Ham

Host: Pamela Mazzocato

# 4: The effects of sauna bathing (16 December 2020) 

Presenter: Hans Hägglund, the "sauna doctor"

Host: Carl Johan Sundberg

# 5: Framtidens sjukvård - fokus på organisation och kunskapsstyrning (11 February 2021)

Panel discussion: Björn Wettermark, Anna Nergårdh, Göran Stiernstedt

Host: Carl Johan Sundberg

# 6: Doctors in distress. Beneath the white coat. (18 March 2021)

Presenter: Dame Clare Gerada

Panel discussion with Dame Clare Gerada, Jill Taube, Danuta Wasserman

Host: Christer Sandahl

# 7: Stockholm healthcare response to COVID 19: pandemic update and rapid impact research into the organisation and management of pandemic response (6 May 2021)

Presenter/Host: John Øvretveit

# 8: Pandemics in the 21st Century - Rearranging the Global Order (17 May 2021)

Presenter: Ok Pannenborg

Host: Tanja Tomson

# 9: Separating hype from reality when a new technology emerges (2 June 2021)

Presenters: Dr. Fariba Hashemi, Dr. Max Olivier Hongler, Dr. Olivier Gallay

Host: Carl Johan Sundberg

#10: Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live (18 June 2021)

Presenter: prof Nicholas Christakis, Yale University

Host: Carl Johan Sundberg

# 11: Diskutera forskningsfusk med Kjell Asplund (25 August 2021)

Presenter: Kjell Asplund

Host: Niklas Juth

# 12: Innovation systems for research-based medical technology (24 February 2022)

Presenter: Ulf Petrusson, Göteborgs universitet

Host: Carl Johan Sundberg

# 13: Studentarbeten och etikprövning – vad gäller och vad är en rimlig praxis? (20 April 2022)

Presenter: Jörgen Svidén

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