Roles and responsibilities within LIME talks

The different roles within LIME talks at the Department of Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics consists of a coordinator, a host, a presenter and the programme council.

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LIME talks presenter

This is the person doing the presentation. 

LIME talks moderator

Normally the host is also moderating the seminar. However, if the host is not well informed about the topic in focus a moderator may be appointed.

LT moderator responsibilities 

► Usual moderator tasks, introducing the topic in more detail, preparing a few questions if participants are silent after the presentation, keeping track of time and checking for question (in the chat in Zoom)

LIME talks host

This is a person from LIME who is responsible for the LT presenter or they can be the LT presenter themselves.

LT host responsibilities

► If needed LT host invites people with extra knowledge of the topic to a smaller team to optimize marketing

► Informing LT presenter about the structure of LT

  • Max 60 min total 
  • Introduction by one person from the LT programme (and LT moderator if needed) council and LT host followed by 30 min presentation by LT presenter and 30 min discussion.

► Booking a Zoom meeting/webinar 

► Collecting information (and extra material if needed) from LT presenter for the LT flyer and calendar event.

  • Sending ”Information to LT coordinator” at least 2-4 weeks before LT takes place. 
  • Information to LT coordinator contains:
  • Topic of LT
  • Date and Time
  • Zoom link
  • Contact person, ie LT host
  • (Photo of LT presenter with name of photographer and permission to use)
  • Extra material (articles etc)
  • Target group of the specific LT

► Introducing the LT presenter, LT moderator and topic

► Wishing welcome and ending the meeting by reminding of the next LT 

(► if there is no moderator the LT host also is keeping track of time and checking for questions (in the chat in Zoom))

LIME talks coordinator

The coordinator is the link between the LT host and the LT programme council and also has contact with the LIME communications officer.

LT coordinator responsibilities

► Part of the LT Programme Council

► Receives ”Information to LT coordinator” from LT host

► Creates calendar event for the LT event and updates web page

► Sends information to newsletter at KI, free calendars etc

► Forwards ”Information to LT coordinator” to the communications officer and the LT programme council

► Does NOT have any other responsibilities regarding the LT event.

LIME talks programme council

The LT programme council consists of 

Carl Johan Sundberg, Christer Sandahl, Marta Roczniewska and Tanja Tomson

LT programme council responsibilities

► Spreading the calendar event & flyer to their contacts and in their social media

► Emails to relevant other organisations and their news mechanisms

► Specifically think about fora within KI (later external) where LIME talks can be presented orally

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