Education at Learning Health Care Contexts

Learning in Health Care Contexts (LHCC) is engaged in teaching at all educational levels - bachelor, master and doctoral level and in teacher training/faculty development both at Karolinska Institutet and elsewhere. At undergraduate level we are involved in teaching of the Psychometrics and Individual Differences course at the psychology programme at KI. We also teach at the Scandinavian College of Naprapathic Manual Medicine.

Master level

LHCC has been actively involved in several courses in the Master's Programme in Medical Education at KI, teaching research methodology and courses on educational development. Along with supervising master students from the programme in medical education, we regularly supervise students from the medical and dentist programme in their degree projects and the psychology program in their master thesis.

Recent examples of projects include Call the on call - an exploratory study of what and how students learn during a new pedagogic activity on an interprofessional training ward by Josefin Ivarson and Experiences of learning to practice stretching in the workplace - An educational scholarship project by Melinda Merunada.

Doctor level

At doctoral level we are involved in a variety of courses offered to PhD students at KI, including for example to communicate science in different contexts. We are responsible for the course Introduction to Medical Education research.  

Terese Stenfors is also a member of the steering group for the Doctoral programme in Health Care Science. We have several PhD students in our team and co-supervise students at other departments and universities.

Research level

The members of LHCC teach in faculty development courses, for example courses for teachers and researchers directed towards teaching, learning and supervision, such as the courses Future education leaders i or Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. Members of LHCC are also involved in teaching at Stockholm University.

Further, we also have experience of supervising degree projects for intern physicians.

As learning is one of our favourite concepts in LHCC, we do not only research learning, but also help improve education through developing systems for assessment, quality improvement and feedback and through evaluation new innovative teaching and learning methods.

We are happy to explore new teaching collaborations or supervision opportunities.