Division of Clinical Immunology & Transfusion medicine

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The division is host to activities that cover a broad spectrum within the subject area of immunology.

Doctors, professors and research groups are running projects that deal with, for example, immunodeficiency, transplantation, genetics and transfusion. These activities are conducted in close collaboration with the clinical activities at Karolinska University Hospital in Huddinge. 

Research groups

The Unit for Clinical Caring Research Focusing on Immune Diseases and Immunotherapies and on Quality and Safety in Health-care

Lennart Hammarström research group

Agneta Taune Wikman research group

Katarina Le Blanc research group, HERM

Robert Månsson research group, HERM


Head of division (acting)

Professor/senior physician

Anders Sönnerborg

Organizational unit: Division of Infection and Dermatology
E-mail: Anders.Sonnerborg@ki.se

Division administrator

Department administrator

Marlene Quesada-Rolander

Organizational unit: Department of Laboratory Medicine (LABMED), H5
E-mail: Marlene.Quesada-Rolander@ki.se

Find us


- Clinical University Hospital in Huddinge; Unit: F71-79, C2 66
- Alfred Nobels Allé 8, floor 7 (see map)
- Novum


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Hassan AbolhassaniPhD student
Mats AlheimAssociated
Lili AnderssonDepartment administrator
Lisa ArodinSecretary
Kerstin BergmanLaboratory technician
Thibault BouderliquePostdoc
Marta ChristenssonSenior researcher
Lindsay DaviesResearch assistant
Ayla De PaepePhD student, R&D trainee
Beatrice Diedrich AspevallAssociated
Ida DuprezProject manager
Renée EnqvistAssociated
Tobias EverhornBioinformatician
Mingyan FangGraduate Student
Meriana FinaklyAdjunct lecturer
Caroline GavinPhD student
Charlotte GustafssonSenior lab manager
Karin HannerzAdjunct lecturer
Dan HauzenbergerSenior researcher
Ellen Viveka IacobaeusAssociated
Shabnam KharaziPostdoc
Jovanka KingPhD student
Aleksandra KrsticAssociated
Maria KvistAssociated
Katarina Le BlancProfessor/specialist physician
Annica LindkvistLecturer
Marco MandolesiPhD student, Graduate Student
Harold MarcotteSenior researcher
Robert MånssonAssistant professor, Postdoc
Anette MörtbergAssociated
Rao Nagubothu SrinivasaPhD student
Lucia Pena PerezR&D trainee
Per SandgrenAssociated
Marie SchafferAssociated
Kristina SonneviAssociated
Karl-G SundqvistAssociated
Minna SuomelaBiomedical scientist
Xiaofei YePhD student
Lena von BahrAssociated