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Educational committee at KBH

Committee members KBH

Thomas Sejersen, Professor, Chair, Departmental Educational Coordinator (GUA)
Lena Sahlin, Associate Professor, Director of Studies for Student selected courses, Medical programme
Nina Andersson, PhD, Course responsible Specialist Nurse programme Children and Youth
Aida Wahlgren, PhD, Chairman Theme Reproduction and Development, Course responsible, Medical programme
Sonia Andersson, Professor, Course responsible in Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Medical programme
Helena Lindgren, PhD, Programme director, Midwifery Programme
Liisa Svensson, Lecturer, Assistent Programme director, Midwifery Programme
Johanna Granhagen Jungner, PhD, Chair of the syllabus committee

Adjunct committee member

Sandra Brogårde, Head of Administration, KBH
Lisa Wilsson, Education coordinator, KIND

Committee members other department

Malin Nygren Bonnier, Senior Lecturer, NVS
Juha Nieminen, Lecturer, LIME

Student representatives

Yasmine Djoumi, Medical student

Stockholm County Council representatives (SLL)

Elena Bräne, MSc, Health Expert Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Anna Gustafsson, Leg Midwife

Administrative Officer

Charlotte Ovesen, Administrator, Educational committee