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Project: Using text mining to aid cancer risk assessment and research

The CRAB, CHAT and LION are three different text mining-based tools for literature review and knowledge discovery. These tools have been developed for cancer risk assessment and research in collaboration with Language Technology Lab at University of Cambridge (UK) and can assist risk assessors and researchers with the management of large textual data and aid knowledge discovery. The tools are based on text mining and literature-based discovery - a growing field of computer science which discovers new knowledge by automatically extracting information from written texts. They can assist researchers and risk assessors in their work and contribute to effective management of health risks in the future. The LION project is a collaboration between the Language Technology Lab at University of Cambridge (UK) and the Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute, Narita Group (UK).

Links to the tools:

  • CRAB – classifies the scientific literature according to carcinogenic mode of action.
  • CHAT – classifies the scientific literature according to the Cancer Hallmarks.
  • LION-LBD – a literature-based discovery system for cancer biology

Contact persons


Ulla Stenius

Telefon: 08-524 878 72
Enhet: Biokemisk toxikologi


  • Medical Research Councils, UK


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