Highlights and activities during the programme

During the programme you will visit different authorities and research institutes, but the most popular visits usually are the 2-day kick-off in the Stockholm archipelago at the beginning of the programme and the visit to JRC outside Milan, Italy during the last semester. Although these activities have been online during 2020-2021, we visited JRC again 2022.

Highlights during the programme

This is what some current and recent Tox Master students think are the highlights of the programme!

This program gave me the unique opportunity to collaborate with very knowledgeable students with different backgrounds and nationalities. From this varieated and stimulating interaction, I could learn how to work in a team and reach common high-level aims. This programme gives a big opportunity to strengthen personal growth and develop interactive skills highly requested by employers and companies.” - Micol Introna, Class of 2021

"We have a lot of practical work, so it is not just theory. We had some time in the lab, but also with computers for the TK module and the biostatistics or histopathology with the microscopy. Also with the PBL, it was not just listening to lectures, we had to listen to them in order to understand the PBL and solve it (and learn). Another highlight are the presentations, at the beginning it could look like having to present a lot of group projects, but then you just get used to it and you feel comfortable while presenting." - Gemma López, Class of 2021

The Global Master’s in Toxicology at Karolinska Institutet has been one of the best choices that I have ever made in my academic life! The organization of the courses, lectures, practical workshops and seminars has helped me to prepare myself for a professional career in the field of toxicity testing and drug safety. Besides, during this programme I have realized the relevance and impact that Toxicology has in science and its application in the real world. Finally, the international environment at campus is a great place to learn from different cultures, traditions and languages.” - Aline Colonnello, Class of 2021

"The Tox Master programme inspired my curiosity for health effects of different chemical exposures by perfectly blending theory and practical work. As a class we were encouraged to collaborate to learn about a wide variety of topics which is a strong asset when applying for future jobs. Personally, what I think makes the programme so great is that the subject is so versatile it is compatible with many different research directions. My favourite experience was the laboratory animal science course where we were taught how to handle and dose rodents."  - Charlotte Jackson, Class of 2020.

"In my Bachelor’s, I knew that I wanted to learn more about toxicology. I enrolled in the Master’s in Toxicology without any immediate plans or expectations other than to learn more in the field. I was amazed over how extremely well the programme was planned out, with a great content balance preparing us students for both an academic career within research or within risk assessment in industry or public sector. I really felt a community between the students, lecturers and professors in the programme, something that was very novel to me. You could see the effort that the course leaders and programme director had put into making the education experience as good as possibe, and for that the programme will always hold a special place in my heart." - Puck Norell, Class of 2020.

"There have been many highlights in the program for me from different perspectives. Course structure-wise, it has been nice to experience the work-life balance here so that I could be relaxed enough to expand my interests. Content-wise, we have had an excellent molecular skill training course, which was well instructed and organised and serves as a good projection of the degree project coming up next year. People-wise, we have developed a very strong team bond through the nice trip at the beginning of the program and I have learned a lot of people skills by interacting with colleagues from China, the US, the UK, Mexico and Europe with very different mindsets and backgrounds. Food-wise, we often get spoiled by our lovely course leaders who would bring fika every now and then." - Boyao Zhang, Class of 2019

Travels and study visits during the programme

Stockholm archipelago - Finnhamn

At Finnhamn we have our programme kick-off were we get to know each other, discuss topics related to being a student at the programme and at KI but also enjoy the usually very nice weather and nature.

Joint Research Center at Ispra, Italy

Since 2004 the Tox Master programme has visited the European Commission Joint Research Centre in Ispra, Italy, at the end of the 2-year programme. JRC has presented their work, mainly on alternative approaches to animal testing. In 2017 and 2019 these visits were in the form of a Summer school inviting also other European Master and PhD students and junior toxicologists. See more in the students’ travel report from 2019 here►.

Poster session at the end of the programme

At the end of the last semester, during which students are performing their MSc thesis projects, we organize a poster session. During this mini-conference you get the chance to present your data and conclusions to your class mates as well as to invited alumni, supervisors, professors, colleagues and friends. The same posters are also later on presented at the JRC Summer school.

2nd European Commission Joint Research Centre’s Summer school on Non-Animal Approaches in Science Challenges & Future Directions