No Accidents: Improving Trauma Systems

Trauma - external physical injury and the body’s response to that injury - is a major global health issue that accounts for more deaths than HIV, malaria, and tuberculosis combined every year. Our team conducts research to strengthen the systems required to care for trauma patients, by preventing and predicting mortality and morbidity after trauma.

Our key research areas

  • Building evidence for system-level interventions to improve trauma care, such as specific trauma quality improvement programs like audit filters and trauma life support training
  • Predicting mortality and morbidity after trauma, by developing, validating, and comparing clinical prediction models
  • Developing methods and tools for identifying opportunities for improvement in trauma care

We are a small but highly engaged and active team aspiring to leverage novel methods and techniques both in our research and day-to-day work. We welcome new ideas and people, feel free to reach out to us at any time, or join our Discord server to say hi and chat! Please also check us out on GitHub, where you more information and code from our projects.

Team Leader

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Martin Gerdin Wärnberg

Principal Researcher

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