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Autism is 2-4 times more prevalent in males than females which implies that factors in sexual differentiation, such as sex hormones during early life, might be important for the development of this disorder. Other neurodevelopmental disorders such as Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder are also more prevalent in males than females.

This project explores the role of early life hormonal exposure, particularly sex hormones exposure, on the risk of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders using a combination of register-data and bio-samples.

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Kyriaki Kosidou

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Brief Report: Sexual Orientation in Individuals with Autistic Traits: Population Based Study of 47,000 Adults in Stockholm County.
Rudolph CES, Lundin A, Åhs JW, Dalman C, Kosidou K
J Autism Dev Disord 2018 02;48(2):619-624

Maternal Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Risk for Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in the Offspring.
Kosidou K, Dalman C, Widman L, Arver S, Lee BK, Magnusson C, et al
Biol. Psychiatry 2017 Nov;82(9):651-659

Maternal polycystic ovary syndrome and the risk of autism spectrum disorders in the offspring: a population-based nationwide study in Sweden.
Kosidou K, Dalman C, Widman L, Arver S, Lee BK, Magnusson C, et al
Mol. Psychiatry 2016 10;21(10):1441-8



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