Histological Core Facility - Histocore

The Histological core facility at Biomedicum (Histocore) located in room B0517, has a number of cryostats, microtomes, dehydration machines and embedding platforms. At Histocore you can do anything related to histology, from tissue preparation to histological stainings.

Options for users


Users get access to different histological equipment including cryostats, microtomes, vibratomes and paraffin embedding platforms. All the equipment is regularly checked and serviced. An hour training/introduction course is required to start using the facility independently on your experience level. Additional training can be provided upon demand.  

To start using the facility please login to iLab booking system using your SWAMID credentials and request training.  Upon completing the training, please send us your name, date of birth, your PI name and department to provide you with access to the facility.  

Please also notice that dehydration of the samples is always performed by our staff.

Full service

A lab-engineer will do part or all of the histological preparations you need. This can include tissue dehydration and embedding, cryo- and paraffin sections, various histological stains, immunohistochemistry and RNAscope.

Our staff is extremely professional in histological techniques meaning that the work is done at the best possible speed. At the same time, we prioritize quality against quantity.


  • Cryostats (NX70 (2), Leica CM3050, HM560 (2)
  • Microtomes (HM360 (2)
  • Vibratomes (Leica VT100ST)
  • embedding station
  • dehydration machine
  • staining platform


The exact prices are specified at iLab booking portal. The approximate estimation for 2021 can be done on 120:-/hour for an average equipment for KI/KS-based users. Prices are 50% higher for other academic customers and doubled for non-academia/health care.

For 2021 the price for professional histological support can be roughly estimated based on 700:-/hour* for KI/KS-employees, 50% more for other academia and doubled for customers outside academia/health care. Projects, which include optimization steps (i.e., immunohistochemistry, RNAscope) are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

* one hour corresponds roughly to section of 5 tissue samples (paraffin blocks) with 10 slides per sample and 3-5 serial sections/slide delivered to you (i.e., Sek 3-4:-/section).


If you have any questions or would like to get access to the facility, contact:

Andrei Chagin

Principal researcher
C3 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Emma Mondoc

Laboratory engineer
C3 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology