Histological Core Facility - Histo-core

The Histological core facility at Biomedicum (Histo-core) located in room B0517, has a number of cryostats, microtomes, dehydration machines and embedding platforms. At Histo-core you can do anything related to histology, from tissue preparation to histological stainings.

Options for users


Users get access to different histological equipment including cryostats, microtomes, vibratomes and paraffin embedding platforms. All the equipment is regularly checked and serviced. Full training for sectioning, embedding or staining can be provided if needed.

Full service

a lab-engineer will do part or all of the histological preparations you need.


For self-service access, e-mail the following information and we will arrange for an introduction session.

  • Date of birth
  • Name of PI
  • Department

For full service access, just send us an e-mail (andrei.chagin@ki.se or emma.mondoc@ki.se).


  • Cryostats
  • microtomes
  • vibratomes
  • embedding stations
  • dehydration machines
  • staining platform

Booking of equipment

An account created for any other facility will also work for Histo-core.

If a new account needs to be created, the instructions are at the bottom of the same page, but please notice that “account number” requested by the system is in fact the project number to be charged.


The prices for 2019 are Sek 100:-/hour for any any equipment listed and Sek 9:-/sample for dehydration (dehydration is always done by us, usually on a weekly basis). Everything is included except blades or slides.

The price for professional histological support is Sek 600:-/hour*, and projects are discussed on a case-by-case basis.

* one hour corresponds roughly to section of 6 tissue samples (paraffin blocks) with 10 slides per sample and 3-5 sections/slide delivered to you (i.e., Sek 2:-/section).

If you lend your equipment to Histo-core you will continue using it for free while we cover the cost of full service and maintenance. If you are interested in sharing your equipment with Histo-core, please contact andrei.chagin@ki.se.


If you have any questions or would like to get access to the facility, contact:

Andrei Chagin

C3 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Emma Mondoc

Laboratory engineer
C3 Department of Physiology and Pharmacology