Education at FyFa

FyFa is responsible for a large number of freestanding courses and study programme courses in physiology, pharmacology, anesthesiology and intensive care. There are around 90 doctoral students registered at our department.

Undergraduate education at FyFa

The majority of the educational activities at FyFa are conducted within Karolinska Institutet's study programmes in:

  • Medicine
  • Physiotherapy
  • Dentistry
  • Optometry
  • Speech and language pathology
  • Biomedicine

The department is also responsible for a number of freestanding courses in physiology and pharmacology.

Please see Undergraduate education at FyFa for a list of our programme courses and freestanding courses.

Doctoral education at FyFa

There are around 90 doctoral students registered at FyFa, studying toward their doctoral degrees in physiology, pharmacology, or anesthesiology and intensive care.

Doctoral student at FyFa?

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