Your KI Alumni membership

Become part of KI's alumni network with over 19,000 alumni around the world. It is free of charge to be a member.

Who can become a member?

If you are or have been a student, doctoral student, researcher or employee at KI, you are welcome to become a member of KI Alumni.

Member privileges

  • Access to a worldwide professional and social network
  • Invitations to events, lectures, reunions and lifelong learning opportunities
  • Updates on KI's latest news and developments
  • Inspiring interviews with fellow alumni across the world and career tips
  • An opportunity to help students by presenting your career, offering internships and/or taking part in mentorships
  • A free subscription to Medicinsk Vetenskap, KI's scientific magazine, if you live in Sweden.

KI Alumni can help you

  • Organise events and reunions
  • Find fellow alumni
  • Give support and guidance to start a new KI Alumni Association
  • Create networking conditions.

Please contact if you have questions.

How to get involved

Our alumni are important to us! Your involvement will support KI's mission to conduct research and education and to interact with the community, nationally and globally.

How to get involved in KI Alumni

Update your profile

Be sure to update your contact details in order not to miss any activities, offers or events if you are already a member of KI Alumni and you:

  • Have a new e-mail address
  • Have changed your name
  • Have changed your address
  • Have a new job

Update your KI Alumni details

Processing of personal data for KI Alumni

If you have any questions regarding personal data KI have collected all you need to know regarding the GDPR-guidelines on this page. 

Email us your ideas

If you have ideas or suggestions on how to engage ion KI Alumni, don't hesitate to contact

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