The KI Alumni Global and Professional Network

KI currently has active alumni networks both in Sweden as well as in various key regions all over the world.

A global and professional alumni network
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Official KI Alumni Ambassadors

We believe in personal contacts to build stronger connections, engagement, and initiative. The global and professional alumni network of Karolinska Institutet has immense potential, and to make sure you don't miss out on any opportunities to share that potential and get involved, we will from now on be working with official KI Alumni Ambassadors connected to specific regions and/or focused networks.

Through these ambassadors you'll be able to reach other local alumni, get a heads-up for local alumni events and connect with the right people, perhaps to find out what your next step might be. Below you’ll find all of our alumni ambassadors, and more will follow. If you are eager to get involved, please send an e-mail to, and we can have a discussion as to how you would like to support and represent the KI Alumni network within your region and/or network.



KI Alumni Associations

Alumni are of course free to connect in any format they see fit in an unofficial capacity. There are many ways to encourage networking, career and support. The KI Alumni Relations Office supports these associations in any way we can, as well as promoting the official KI Alumni Ambassadors as contacts for local networks and connections. A KI alumni association is usually connected to either a specific program, region or city.

The KI Alumni Relations Office enthusiastically supports our national and global associations. Would you like to start a network for your programme, department or country? Contact us at We look forward to supporting your initiative!

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