Cooperation programmes

Through participating in a number of cooperation programmes, KI students, teachers and researchers are offered many exchange and collaboration opportunities with institutions all over the world. As a hosting institution, KI has the pleasure to receive many international students, teachers and researchers thus developing our own international learning environment.


Erasmus+ is the new EU programme for collaboration in higher education that aims to boost skills and employability and to modernise education and training systems for the period 2014-2020. The programme offers opportunities for international exchange and strategic collaboration projects as well as funding for policy reforms. Erasmus+ brings together seven existing EU programmes in the fields of Education, Training and Youth.

The sub-programmes within Erasmus+ include: Erasmus+ exchange mobility, joint Master’s degrees, strategic partnerships, knowledge alliances and capacity building projects.

Erasmus+ programme

Erasmus+ exchange mobility

Students and teachers who go on an exchange can receive a grant through Erasmus+ Exchange Mobility. The programme aims to increase mobility among students and teaching staff, greater openness, and recognition of academic studies and qualifications, and is based on bilateral agreements between higher education institutions. While most of the funding is primarily for cooperation between European universities, there is also some available for cooperation with higher education institutions outside of Europe.


The Linnaeus-Palme programme

Linnaeus-Palme is an exchange programme that aims to strengthen collaboration between higher education institutions in Sweden and in low- and middle-income countries outside the OECD. Through this programme, funding is available for planning trips, teacher and student exchanges and evaluation trips for a maximum of eight years.


Pernilla Witte

Administrative officer


The Nordplus Higher Education Programme is a mobility and network programme in the higher education sector, for bachelor and master students in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The aim of the programme is to create collaboration between the participating institutions through exchange, experience, good practice and innovative results.

The programme also supports collaboration between higher education institutions and other organisations.

The Nordplus Higher Education Programme