About the KI Alumni Office


The KI Alumni office is located within the Education Support Office in the unit for Education Communication, Guidance, and Alumni relations, where we work closely with the International and National student recruitment office, KI student counselor amongst others. Within KI we also work with the Development office, KI Career Service, International Relations Office and more. 

KI ALumni value relations and we work hard to maintain and support both KI and our alumni!

What is a KI Alumni?

KI Alumni welcomes everyone who would like to maintain contact with KI as either “alumni” or “friend”.
ALUMNI: Graduates of any study program at KI, including Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs, postdoctoral fellows, and exchange students.
FRIEND: Employees, researchers, KI affiliates, collaborators and others who have interest in KI.

KI Alumni history

Over the past 20 years, KI Alumni has offered regular communications, events and seminars, support for class reuinions, and a central office for alumni to connect with KI. Today, KI Alumni boasts over 19 000 active members, and is bilingual (Swedish and English) to serve international students and researchers from around the world.

KI Alumni started in 2001 by KI’s Cultural Council. The founding council agreed that alumni are an important part of KI’s society and losing contact with former students is a loss for both parties. The first alumni advisory board was created, and thereafter KI:s first Alumni Register was built.

During the first year, Alumni members received AlumniNytt (the alumni newsletter), and the first digital platform was created at www.alumni.ki.se. In January of 2003, KI Alumni celebrated it’s 2000th member.

Still today we are vastly growing through and with our members. Our network has stretched globally and new chapters are taking form so that we can offer the best services and offers to KI alumnis. 



Peter Bergman

Communications officer
UF Central Administration

If you have any enquiries, suggestions or just want to say "Hello!", don't hesitate to contact us at alumni@ki.se

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