About the Swedish MS registry

The MS Registry registers patients with the diagnoses Multiple Sclerosis, MS, Neuromyelitis optica, NMO spectrum condition and MOG antibody disease.

The Swedish MS Registry was officially launched in 2000 when the MS Registry received funding from the National Board of Health and Welfare for the first time. In 2004, the register became web-based. Since 2010, the Swedish MS Registry is a sub-registry of the Swedish Neuroregister. Since its inception, the MS registry has continued to develop in terms of functionality, coverage, data density and data quality, advanced output functions, patient portal for reporting and direct access to registry data.

The Swedish MS Registry is still the largest and most developed sub-registry with a coverage rate of over 84% and more than 19,000 active patients registered. All counties and all healthcare units offering specialist neurological care are represented and report in the MS registry work.

More information about the MS Registry and the Swedish Neuroregistry can be found at: Swedish Neuro registries.

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