Research areas A-Ö

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Research area Research group
Clinical epilepsy Torbjörn Tomson´s research group
Clinical Neurophysiology Göran Solders research group
Clinical Neuroimmunology Anna Fogdell-Hahn research group
Cognitive neurophysiology Martin Ingvar´s research group
Cognitive neurophysiology: medical radiochemistry Sharon Stone-Elander´s research group
Epigenetic origins and mechanisms in neuroinflammation Maja Jagodic´s research group
Genetic Epidemiology of Multiple Sclerosis Ingrid Skelton Kockum´s research group
Imaging of Neurodegenerative and Neuroinflammatory disorders Tobias Granberg and Maria Kristoffersen´s research group
Immunotherapy Robert Harris research group
Large-scale network connectivity in the human brain Peter Fransson´s research group
Mechanisms of pain and treatment Eva Kosek´s research group
Medical Epigenetics Tomas Ekström´s research group
Multiple sclerosis: clinical and experimental neuroimmunology Tomas Olsson´s research group
Multiple sclerosis: Inflammation and neurodegeneration in the CNS diseases focusing on multiple sclerosis (MS) Fredrik Piehl´s research group
Multiple sclerosis: Neurogenetics Jan Hillert´s research group
Multiple sclerosis: Stemcells and inflammation Lou Brundins research group
Neurosurgery Mikael A. Svensson´s research group
Neuroradiology Staffan Holmin´s research group
Neuroradiology - MRI physics Stefan Skare´s research group
Parkinson´s disease, neuropharmacology - movement disorders Per Svenningsson´s research group
Stroke Nils Gunnar Wahlgren´s research group
Therapeutic Immune Design Hans Grönlund´s research group


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