Latest news 2021-2022 (Harris' research group)

News from the years 2021-2022


A summary of news that occurred during the Covid pandemic years:


Funding received:

Sebastian Lewandowski received funding for his research of fibroblasts in ALS from the following sources:

Thierry Latran Foundation, 2021-2023, €187,000
Stiftelse Olle Engkvist, 2021-2022, SEK1 670 000
Åhlen stiftelse, 2021, 200,000 kr


Bob received funding for the group’s activities from the following sources:

Swedish Medical Research Council SEK 10 000 000 (2022-2026) the top grant for neuroscience

Cancerfonden SEK 2 400 000 (2020-2022)

Karolinska Institutet central funding SEK 3 594 500 (2019-2022)

Alltid Litt Sterkere NOR 1 000 000 (2021-2022)

Ulla Carin Lindquist Foundation SEK 1 600 000 (2021-2022)

PhD exams:

2021-02-19 PhD student Jinming Han successfully defended his thesis with Prof Petter Höglund, Dept Medicine at Huddinge, Karolinska Institutet, as faculty opponent.


Bob teaches a supervisor training course held digitally for researchers at the University of Minho, Portugal. The course is for 1 day per week stretching over 5 weeks.

Scientific production during the period:

8 articles published in 2021, including Sebastian’s description of the first predictive blood biomarker for ALS in Nature Medicine.

9 articles published in 2022, including Keying’s innovative technology in EMBO Reports.