Johan Lundström's research group

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Multisensory Neuroscience

Johan Lundströms group conducts basic research aimed toward a better understanding of the neural and perceptual basis for multisensory perception and integration. Several different lines of ongoing research explore how the human brain allows us to perceive, process, and understand multimodal information. Of particular interest are the chemical senses (smell  taste - trigeminal) that, by their very nature, are conveyed almost exclusively as multisensory perceptions. This work involves a wide range of experimental methods, including psychophysical and cognitive tests in healthy individuals, functional brain imaging (fMRI, PET, and EEG/ERP), and structural brain imaging and morphometry. In addition, the lab is actively developing novel ways to deliver olfactory stimuli (olfactometers) and to measure olfactory performance.



Research projects

  • Neural processing of perceptual congruency
  • Social chemosignals impact on perceptual processes
  • Aversive olfactory learning
  • Sex differences in chemosensory processing
  • Development of olfactory presentation methods

Selected publications

 Orbitofrontal cortex and olfactory bulb volume predict distinct aspects of olfactory performance in healthy subjects.
Seubert J, Freiherr J, Frasnelli J, Hummel T, Lundström J
Cereb. Cortex 2013 Oct;23(10):2448-56

Aversive learning increases sensory detection sensitivity.
Åhs F, Miller S, Gordon A, Lundström J
Biol Psychol 2013 Feb;92(2):135-41

Statistical localization of human olfactory cortex.
Seubert J, Freiherr J, Djordjevic J, Lundström J
Neuroimage 2013 Feb;66():333-42

The smell of age: perception and discrimination of body odors of different ages.
Mitro S, Gordon A, Olsson M, Lundström J
PLoS ONE 2012 ;7(5):e38110

Modulation of olfactory perception by visual cortex stimulation.
Jadauji J, Djordjevic J, Lundström J, Pack C
J. Neurosci. 2012 Feb;32(9):3095-100

Group members

Artin ArshamianAssistant professor
Robin FondbergGraduate Student
Behzad IravaniPhD student, Graduate Student
Johan LundströmSenior researcher, Research team leader
Valentina ParmaAssociated
Moa PeterGraduate Student
Danja PoradaGraduate Student
Christina RegenbogenAssociated, Postdoc
Martin SchaeferResearch assistant
Janina SeubertAssistant professor
Regina SullivanAssociated
Donald WilsonAssociated
Fredrik ÅhsAssociated