Johan Lundström's research group


Perceptual Neuroscience

Johan Lundström’s group conducts basic research aimed toward a better understanding of the neural and behavioral function of the olfactory system, and how it interacts with the other senses to interpret our environment in health and disease. To this end, several different lines of ongoing research explore various aspects of these questions using a wide range of experimental methods, including psychophysical and behavioral tests, functional brain imaging (fMRI and EEG/ERP), structural brain imaging, and psychophysiological measures. In addition, the lab is actively developing novel ways to deliver olfactory stimuli (olfactometers) and to measure olfactory performance and neural processing.

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Research projects

  • The function and role of the human olfactory bulb in early olfactory processing
  • Behavioral and neural impact by the loss of smell in patients with idiopathic/polyp induced anosmia & congenital anosmia
  • Neural processing of perceptual congruency in the chemical senses
  • Neural processing of flavor perception (contact: Dr. Janina Seubert)
  • The link between breathing and cognitive performance (contact: Dr. Artin Arshamian)
  • Development of olfactory presentation methods
  • Social chemosignals impact on perceptual processes

Selected publications

Iravani, B., Arshamian, A., Ohla, K., Wilson, D.A., and Lundström, J.N. (2020). Non-invasive recording from the human olfactory bulb. Nature Communication. 11(1), 648.

Porada, D.K., Regenbogen, C., Seubert, J., Freiherr, J., and Lundström, J.N. (2019). Multisensory enhancement of odor object processing in primary olfactory cortex. Neuroscience. 418, 254-265.

Peter, G.M., Porada, D.K., Regenbogen, C., Olsson, M.J., and Lundström, J.N. (2019). Sensory loss enhances multisensory integration performance. Cortex. 120, 116-130.

Lundström, J.N., Regenbogen, C., Ohla, K., and Seubert, J. (2019). Prefrontal control over occipital responses to crossmodal overlap varies across the congruency spectrum. Cerebral Cortex. 29(7), 3023-3033.

Arshamian, A., Iravani, B., Majid, A., and Lundström, J.N. (2018). Respiration modulates olfactory memory consolidation in humans. Journal of Neuroscience. 38(48), 10286-10294.

Regenbogen, C., Axelsson, J., Lasselin, J., Porada, D.K., Sundelin, T., Peter, M., Lekander, M., Lundström, J.N., and Olsson, M.J. (2017). Behavioral and neural correlates to multisensory detection of sick humans. Proceeding of National Academy USA (PNAS). 114(24), 6400-6405.

Group members

Artin Arshamian

Assistant professor

Johan Lundström

Lecturer senior

Moa Peter

Postdoctoral researcher

Danja Porada

PhD student

Christina Regenbogen

Affiliated to research

Regina Sullivan

Affiliated to research

Evelina Thunell

Affiliated to research

Donald Wilson

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