Supervisor Competence

All doctoral students have one principal supervisor and at least one co-supervisor. The supervisor is appointed in connection with the decision on admission by the head of the department.

1. Pedagogical Training

  1. Obligatory week-long Introductory course for Doctoral Supervisors at KI
  2. Optional Continuation course: Pedagogy for Doctoral Supervisors (5 seminars)
  3. Intercultural Communication in Research Supervision

2. KI Rules & Regulations

Obligatory Web course for Doctoral Supervisors:

  • is recommended  for all co-supervisors
  • needs to be renewed every 5 years in order to be updated about current rules that regulate Doctoral Education at KI

3. Academic Environment

'Green Light' - a departmental supervisor licence

'Green light' is focused on monitoring of Doctoral education environment and is a mandatory attachment to the application for admission to Doctoral education and application for KID funding. Green Light applications should be signed by the applicant and research group leader before submitting it to the department. Electronic signature is fine.