Admission procedure at CNS

Photo: Kseniya Hartvigsson

1. Establishment

See also: Supervisor Competence and Resources 

Checklist for PhD application - download

'Green Light' application including the following:
     1. Certificate - Obligatory main supervisor training course
     2. Certificate - Obligatory web course for supervisors
• Form Establishment of doctoral position (first page only)
• Financial plan CNS - download
• Supervision plan CNS - download
• Research and training plan CNS - download
• Copy of ethical application and approval, if appropriate

Deadlines for application: 1st of February, 1st of May, 1st of September, 1st of November each year.
Send the following documents to: Alexandre Beckman, Tomtebodavägen 18A floor 5, 171 77 Stockholm.

Revision time: up to 4 weeks after the deadline.

If you already have an employment through Stockholm County Council or an industrial organisation, advertisement is not required as long as selection of the candidate is motivated.

In that case we proceed the Establishment + Recruitment + Admission in one batch:

• E-mail your candidate's name and e-mail address for eligibility assessment to the Doctoral Administrator
• Attach a form 'Decision of admission to doctoral education (first page only)'  to the PhD application.

2. Recruitment


Contact HR Unit for advertisement:

Administration time may vary (few weeks - few months) depending on employment situation.

All vacant doctoral student positions at KI must be advertised. Available positions.

Eligibility assessment

If the PhD position will not be advertised (employment outside KI):
Send name and e-mail address of selected candidate to the Doctoral education Administrator.

Entry requirements (eligibility) for doctoral education

3. Admission

After a candidate has been chosen and approved for a doctoral position:

Send the form “Decision of admission to doctoral education (first page only)” together with the 'Eligibility statement' (utlåtande om behörighet till forskarutbildning) to the Doctoral education Administrator

For questions regarding an employment contract - contact HR Unit

⇒ After admission checklist


Alexandre Beckman

Doctoral education Administrator

Ingrid Skelton Kockum

Director of Doctoral Education

Karin Wallin Blomberg

Head of Administration

Elin Johansson

HR Supervisor
08-524 830 44

Åsa Malmquist

Assistant to the Head of Department

Mats J Olsson

Head of Department

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