Intercultural Communication in Supervision

Academic research today is very international. Researchers form a worldwide network and communicate with each other every day. There is no clear definition of when communication becomes intercultural. We all have slightly different backgrounds and therefore think and work in different ways. It can be a challenge to understand another culture. In order for a research group to communicate effectively, it may be useful to be aware of common differences that may be relevant to research supervision.

Interview Part 1


Interview Part 2


Interview Part 3


These films were created at Karolinska Institutet by the support of STINT strategic grant SG 2016-6524.

Manuscript and video creation: Kseniya Hartvigsson, Juha NieminenBob Harris (voice-over) and Marcus Emas. A special thank you to Waqar Ulhassan and Jennifer Valcke for valuable comments.

Interviewees: Ljubica Matic and Ali Manouchehrinia

Stockholm, 2019.