Archiving Research

All you need to know to archive your research.

Archive - on paper

  1. Remove paper clips, plastic pockets or anything else that may affect the paper quality and its contents over time
  2. Clear away work materials, duplicates and drafts
  3. Organize the material into archive boxes
  4. Fill in the form "Archive delivery note".
  5. Send the material to:

The Department of Clinical Neuroscience
Tomtebodavägen 18A, plan 5
171 77 Stockholm

Archive - on the server

  1. Clear away work materials, duplicates and drafts
  2. Convert files to formats approved for long-term storage
  3. Contact Sara Andersson to have an electronic folder assigned to the storage area "Projects (\\ (P:)". (It can be found among the public folders of each institution. You can find it directly under "This computer")
  4. Upload your material to the "destroy" or "save" folders
  5. Contact our archivist when everything is uploaded and fill in the form "Archive delivery note".
  6. The folder with your research documentation will then be closed and the permission to change, delete or add will disappear

Archive delivery note

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