Dissertations and licentiates

Doctoral theses, including licentiates at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology - CLINTEC


2024-05-24 Laura Baqué Vidal
Developing an embryonic stem cell-based cell product for age-related macular degeneration

2024-03-22 Anna Levin
Pathogenesis of IgA nephropathy and diabetic kidney disease: linking molecular profile to morphological and clinical picture

2024-03-08 Tianyi Li
Targeting the ovary: mapping mechanisms to link endocrine-disrupting chemicals to female fertility


2023-12-08 Alvaro Torres Urzua
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in children

2023-12-08 My Blohm
Treatment of cholelithiasis and acute cholecystitis : surgical safety in gallstone surgery

2023-12-01 Maritha Kumlin
Mesenchymal stem cell regeneration and differentiation after anti inflammatory drug exposure

2023-11-24 Malin Siegbahn
Growing up with one ear: central auditory structure and function in unilateral ear canal atresia

2023-09-22 Andrianos Tsekrekos
Multimodal treatment of gastric cancer: assessment of tumor regression and the role of minimally invasive surgery

2023-06-16 Ylva Crona Guterstam
Immune cell composition and cytokine expression in the pregnant and non-pregnant uterus

2023-06-09 Magnus Starkhammar
Airway hyperresponsiveness and viral recognizing toll-like receptors

2023-05-30 Samsul Arefrin
Microcirculation in chronic kidney disease: from injury targets to potential therapeutics

2023-05-10 Sam Hobson
Chronic kidney disease and early vascular ageing: pinpointing culprits of injury and targets for intervention

2023-03-31 Marlin Johansson
Children with congenital unilateral sensorineural hearing loss: etiology, newborn diagnostics, and hearing aid amplification

2023-02-17 Agnieszka Popowicz
Mangement of acute cholecystitis: surgery, drainage and gallbladder aspiration

2023-02-17 Anastasios Charalampidis
Idiopathic scoliosis: aspects on surgical and non-surgical treatment

2023-01-13 Zeeshan Ateeb
Improvement of the diagnosis and management of cystic tumors of the pancreas


2022-12-16 Raffaella Pozzi Mucelli
Pancreatic cancer: prevention through improved diagnostics in individuals at risk

2022-12-16 Stefhanie Romero
Traction force and long-term outcome in children born after vacuum-assisted delivery

2022-12-09 Beata Molin
Chronic pain related to childbirth : prevalence, characteristics, women’s experiences about its impact and support from healthcare

2022-12-02 Emilia Rotstein
Pelvic floor dysfunction after childbirth : symptoms, diagnosis, treatment

2022-11-25 Ásta Dögg Jónasdóttir
Inflammatory biomarkers in ANCA-associated vasculitis

2022-11-17 Ineke Samson
Stuttering in young females and males

2022-11-11 Hanna Dubois
Level with me! Exploring patient participation in short-term clinical encounters in team-based settings

2022-10-21 Linda Larsson
Development of new blood banking strategies for processing and storage of red blood cell components

2022-10-21 Maximilian Kordes
Diagnostic and predictive factors in pancreatic cancer : clinical and translational studies

2022-10-21 Mahasin Al Shakirchi
Fungal colonization and infection in cystic fibrosis : prevalence, consequences and intervention

2022-10-14 Allison Mackey
Perspectives on screening strategies for early detection of childhood hearing impairment

2022-10-07 Eric Hjalmarsson
Allergic rhinitis and intralymphatic vaccination: immune response and tolerance

2022-09-30 Marcus Holmberg
Invasive intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma: a comparison in clinicopathology and long-term outcome

2022-09-30 Anna Nyman
Babbling, speech and language in children with neurological disabilities: development, validity of measures and effect of intervention

2022-09-09 Linnea Bergqvist-Norén
Physical activity and obesity prevention in early childhood

2022-06-22 Xinyuan Liu
Investigation of tumour/stroma crosstalk in pancreatic cancer by an advanced 3D co-culture model

2022-06-21 Nerges Winblad
Exploring early development and regenerative medicine using CRISPR/Cas9

2022-06-17 Helen Erlandsson
Biological ageing and kidney transplantation

2022-06-17 Linnea Johansson
Mobile health interventions and cardiorespiratory fitness in pediatric obesity

2022-06-17 Susanne Rex
Assessment and differential diagnosis in childhood apraxia of speech

2022-06-14 Malin Sellberg
Students' and supervisors' experiences of supervision and training in clinical learning environment

2022-06-10 Richard Shore
Sex hormones in gastric mucosal physiology and the development of oesophageal, gastric and colorectal adenocarcinoma

2022-06-10 Ulrika Hahn Lundström
Renal function decline and optimized planning for kidney replacement therapy

2022-06-03 Hannes Jansson
Immunological aspects on prognosis in resectable cholangiocellular cancer

2022-06-03 Karin Windahl
Nutritional status, body composition and diet in older adults with chronic kidney disease

2022-06-03 Katarina Robertsson Grossman
Long-term outcome after hypothermia-treated hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy

2022-06-03 David Landin
Clinical use of prognostic markers in head- and neck cancer

2022-06-02 Apostolos Analatos
Surgical reconstruction of functional and anatomical defects in the diaphragmatic hiatus

2022-05-25 Ming Han Yao
Targeting innate and adaptive immune responses to achieve long-term allograft acceptance following transplantation

2022-05-23 Qiang Wang
Quantitative evaluation of liver function using gadoxetic acid-enhanced MRI

2022-05-20 Essi Whaites Heinonen
Psychotropic drug treatment during pregnancy and lactation : effects on mother and child

2022-05-20 Katharina Brehmer
Perfusion computed tomography of the liver

2022-04-22 Axel Gerdtsson
Retroperitoneal lymph node dissection for non-seminomatous germ cell tumour

2022-04-08 Marcus Reuterwall  Hansson
New technologies for the further advancement of ERCP

2022-03-04 Helena Hybbinette
Diagnosis and recovery patterns in patients with apraxia of speech after stroke


2021-12-16 Marion Lieberman
Delayed babbling at 10 months: observation, detection and a two-year follow-up

2021-12-03 Richelle Duque Björvang
Fewer kids: not always by choice - the link between endocrine-disrupting chemicals and female reproductive health

2021-11-26 Mikael Finder
Biomarkers and outcome in children with hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy

2021-11-19 Johan Teiler
Leukocyte scintigraphy, SPECT/CT and PET/CT in prosthetic joint infection

2021-11-12 Maria Hermann
Abdominal wall complications after urological surgery

2021-11-12 Åsa Mogren
Orofacial function in children with speech sound disorders

2021-11-11 Satu Turunen-Taheri
Adult patients with severe-to-profound hearing impairment : a clinical, register-based, and interview study

2021-10-22 Anna Gustafsson
Antisecretory factor in the perinatal period

2021-09-24 Jonas Teng
Cholestasis in infants at risk

2021-06-04 Malin Wendt
Optimizing treatment: tumor markers and sclerotherapy in head and neck lesions

2021-05-28 Emelie Foord
Mapping the immune landscape in solid tumors: implications for immunotherapy

2021-05-18 Lu Dai
Chronic kidney disease : a clinical model of premature vascular aging

2021-05-07 Per-Olof Lundgren
Prostate cancer: population-based screening and markers for long-term clinical outcome

2021-05-07 Anna Ek
Insulin resistance in children and adolescents : mechanisms and clinical effects

2021-05-07 Sofia Hultman Dennison
Complications due to acute rhinosinusitis in children

2021-04-23 Markus Brissman
To cut or not to cut: the association between weight loss and cardiometabolic health in adolescents and adults after Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass

2021-04-16 Jessica Ericson
Nutritional status and dysphagia in patients with oesophageal cancer : the impact of oncological and surgical treatment

2021-03-26 Elisabet Engström
Neurophysiological conditions for hearing in children using hearing aids or cochlear implants: an intervention and follow-up study

2021-02-26 Jeanne Adele Lubbe
Aspects on advanced procedures during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) for complex hepatobiliary disorders

2021-02-05 Antonios Tzortzakakis
Differentiation of renal oncocytoma from renal cell carcinoma by means of ⁹⁹Tc-Sestamibi SPECT/CT

2021-0-18 Björn Runesson
Consequences of kidney dysfunction in the community: health care-based epidemiological studies from the Stockholm creatinine measurements (scream) project


2020-12-18 Ahmad Karadagi
Experimental approaches and clinical opportunities in metabolic liver diseases

2020-12-18 Anna Persson
Swedish children with moderate hearing loss : on the importance of monitoring auditory and early speech development the first three years

2020-11-27 Gabriel Dumitrescu
Coagulation in liver failure: the role of thromboelastometry and fibrinogen

2020-11-13 Louise Lindberg
Obesity in childhood: psychosocial consequences and premature mortality

2020-11-13 Joar Sundman
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty: patient selection, long- term outcomes, and side effects

2020-10-16 Thomas Mårtensson
Acute gastrointestinal graft-versus-host disease in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplanted children and adolescents: clinical aspects of histopathological evaluation and risk factors

2020-10-16 Martin Sundström Rehal
Energy expenditure and substrate utilization during critical illness

2020-10-16 Martin Eklöf
Effects of age and stimulation strategies on cochlear implantation and a clinically feasible method for sound localization latency

2020-10-09 Viveka Nordberg
Every bug counts: neonatal colonization and infection of Gram-negative bacilli - aspects on antibiotic resistance in Sweden and Ecuador

2020-10-02 Johan Fehrm
Surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: randomized controlled studies in children and adults

2020-10-02 Pierre Campenfeldt
Fracture healing, functional outcome and health related quality of life in younger patients with a femoral neck fracture

2020-09-30 Magdalena Wagner
The human ovary: a characterization of cell types and adverse ovarian side effects of chemotherapy

2020-08-28 Ahmed Gaballa
Characterization of human gamma delta T cells in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

2020-06-17 Charlotte Palmqvist (LIC)
Hygiene at CT and MRI

2020-06-12 Laila Hellkvist
Intralymphatic immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis: Evaluating safety, efficacy and mechanisms

2020-06-12 Chih-Han Kung
Outcome of gastric cancer surgery in Sweden

2020-06-05 Lijuan Xiu
Sleep and obesity in children at different obesity risks : patterns, associations and early intervention

2020-06-05 Ninos Oussi
Is it all about the money? The effects of low and high cost simulator training scenarios in surgical training

2020-06-05 Marie Smedberg
Glutamine kinetics in critically ill patients

2020-05-29 Tobias Lagerbäck
Long term effects of lumbar disc herniation surgery in adolescents

2020-05-29 Helene Johansson
The role of fibroblast growth factor 19 in human liver

2020-05-29 Ann Malmenholt
Exploring childhood apraxia of speech: speech and language profiles in 5-year-olds with suspected apraxia of speech or cleft palate

2020-05-27 Alvaro Playa Reyes
Developmental insights and biomedical potential of human embryonic stem cells: modelling trophoblast differentiation and establishing novel cell therapies for age-related macular degeneration

2020-05-20 Karin Jonstam
A personalized approach to chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, based on biomarkers, phenotypes and new surgical thinking

2020-05-15 Per Nydert
Off-label drug use, medication errors and adverse drug events: among Swedish pediatric inpatients

2020-05-15 John Paul Schell
Exploring mammalian preimplantation development and pluripotency

2020-05-15 Michael Wilczek
Hands-on osteoporosis screening with digital x-ray radiogrammetry

2020-04-24 Julia Jakobsson
The new old normal: reassessing perioperative oxygen consumption and haemodynamics in the elderly

2020-03-27 Melroy D'Souza
Hepatic ischemia-reperfusion injury

2020-03-27 Sara Padrell Sánchez
Scalable, safe and GMP-compatible production of embryonic stem cell derived retinal pigment epithelial cells

2020-03-19 Birgitta Tengroth (Lic)
Hearing in Children with cleft palate

2020-03-06 Joakim Körner Gustafsson
Voice disorders and treatment effects in Parkinson's disease studied with a portable voice accumulator

2020-02-28 Anna von Platen
Microdialysis : potentials and limitations

2020-02-21 Josefina Skogö Nyvang
Different perspectives of living with osteoarthritis and outcome after knee arthroplasty

2020-02-14 Patrik Nowik
Optimizing computed tomography: quality assurance, radiation dose and contrast media

2020-01-31 Erik Haraldsson
The papilla of Vater: issues relevant to transpapillary cannulation and clinical management.


2019-11-29 Sandra Ekstedt
Neutrophil subsets in airway inflammation and hyperreactivity

2019-11-29 Felix Liebau
Anabolic response to amino acid supplementation in critical illness

2019-11-22 Daniel Thor
Radiation dose-, contrast media- and image quality optimization in computed tomography

2019-11-22 Marie Hilderman
The cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway and heart rate variability with special reference to dialysis and renal denervation

2019-11-15 Natalja Uhlén (Lic)
PET/CT with 18F-FDG and 68Ga-DOTATOC in    pulmonary  carcinoid imaging

2019-10-25 Xuan Li
Chronic pancreatitis, fibrogenesis: the role of TGF-b pathway inhibitor Smad7 in the fibrosis development

2019-09-20 Lars Thurn
Massive transfusion in relation to obstetric hemorrhage: with special attention to placenta accreta

2019-09-10 Pernilla Hedvall Kallerman
Cardiovascular health in children and adolescents with obesity. – Prevalence, prediction and supervised exercise.

2019-09-06 Elena Rangelova
Borderline and locally advanced pancreatic cancer –redefining the biological and technical profile of the disease

2019-08-30 Masoud Jadidi (Lic)
The dependency of image quality on acquisition protocol and image processing in chest tomosynthesis

2019-08-23 Annika Sandelin (Lic)
Teamarbete och informationsöverföring inom perioperativ vård : operationssjuksköterskans perspektiv

2019-06-14 Lena Uggla
Music therapy : an intervention effecting quality of life and health in children going through hematopoietic stem cell transplantation

2019-05-17 Elias Diarbakerli
Quality of life, physical activity and bone health in idiopathic scoliosis

2019-05-17 Berit Sunde
Health Related Quality of Life and Swallowing Problems in Oesophageal Cancer

2019-05-10 Jessica Norberg
The Reactive Stroma in Pancreatic Diseases

2019-04-05 Amar Karalli
Transarterial chemoembolization in primary liver and kidney malignancies

2019-03-29 Liv Thalén
Medical decision-making capacity among geriatric patients with and without dementia : communication-based approaches for assessment and facilitation

2019-03-29 Sebastian Sjöqvist
Oral mucosa keratinocytes and their exosomes for epithelial regeneration

2019-03-13 Linda Wennberg (Lic)
Diabetic foot care in Sweden

2019-02-08 Peter Endler
Outcome after surgery for isthmic spondylolisthesis and degenerative disc disease

2019-01-25 Jonathan Grip
On bioenergetic failure in septic shock: lactate kinetics and mitochondrial respiration

2019-01-18 Stefan Gabrielson
Utility of hybrid SPECT/CT in Sentinel Lymph Node mapping, and 18F FDG-PET/CT for treatment response evaluation in cancer patients.


2018-12-14 Veroniqa Lundbäck
The role of thyroid stimulating hormone receptor and novel candidate genes FAM13A and POM121C in adipocyte dysfunction

2018-12-07 Andreas Kaiser
Auditory Organotypic Cultures and Progenitor Cell Implantation

2018-12-07 Ewa Henckel
Cellular consequences of preterm birth : telomere biology, immune development and oxidative stress

2018-12-07 Fawaz Abomaray
Exploring the Role of Mesenchymal Stromal Cells in Endometriosis

2018-12-07 Yi-Hua Zhang
Radiomics in cancer prognosis: Applications and limitations of quantitative texture analysis

2018-11-30 Vera Westin
Nutritional intakes over time and perioperative nutrition in extremely preterm infants

2018-11-23 Alexandra Elliot
Inverted Papilloma and Sinonasal Malignancies in Sweden

2018-11-23 Kristin Mattson
Investigation of cytogenetic markers in neonatal blood spots and of aberrant protein expression in bone marrow from children with leukemia

2018-11-16 Sara Stormoen
Medical decision-making in Alzheimer’s disease. A linguistic approach

2018-11-16 Kristin Pettersson
Complicated vacuum extraction delivery: focus on traction force

2018-11-09 Åsa Kågedal
Immune Response and Tumour Cell Detection in Lymph Nodes of Head and Neck Cancer

2018-11-09 Erik Nilsson
Growth Hormones in Chronic Kidney Disease

2018-10-26 Luca Verrecchia
Development of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and audiometry for the clinical diagnosis of superior canal dehiscence syndrome

2018-10-19 Poya Ghorbani
Review and predicition of trauma mortality

2018-06-20 Åsa Fröberg
Achilles tendon loading and deformation durin grehabilitation and use of ankle foot orthoses

2018-06-15 Afrodite Psaros Einberg
Exposure to hepatitis C virus early in life: Epidemiological and Immunological aspects

2018-06-15 Stefan Gilg
Outcome after liver resection: epidemiological and clinical studies with special focus on the role of post-hepatectomy liver failure

2018-06-08 Axel Wihlborg
Risk factors for osteoporosis and fractures

2018-06-01 Lilly-Ann Mohlkert
Cardiovascular function in 6-year-old children born extremely preterm

2018-05-25 Titus Schlinzig
Mode of delivery, epigenetic modulation and immune cell formation at birth

2018-05-25 Gona Jaafar
Antibiotic prophylaxis and infectious complications in surgery for acute cholecystitis

2018-05-18 Susanna Klevebro
Optimized growth and reduced morbidity in preterm infants – focus on nutrition and saturation targets

2018-05-18 Cecilia Escher
Field studies in simulation based team training

2018-04-27 Christina Blixt
Perioperative glucose control

2018-04-20 Åsa Ekblad
Perinatal regenerative medicine : development of autologous constructs for soft tissue defects

2018-04-06 Lotta Herling
Automated analysis of fetal cardiac function : a new approach based on tissue doppler imaging


2017-11-10 Hanna Norberg
Antenatal corticosteroid exposure – studies on neonatal and long term outcome

2017-10-20 Annika Szabo Portela
The female voice in vocally demanding professions: Field studies using portable voice accumulators

2017-10-19 Renata Bogo
Longitudinal study of the impact on hearing from aging, genetic background and environmental exposure in male twins

2017-10-13 Rozh Noel
Aspects on Interventions in Complicated Gallstone Disease

2017-09-29 Åsa Bonnard
Hormonal effect on the inner ear: Two endocrine syndromes

2017-09-28 Julia Wijkström
Chronic Kidney Disease of Unknown Etiology in Central America and Sri Lanka
- Renal Morphology and Clinical Characteristics

2017-09-15 Greger Olsson
Aspects on the role of prophylactic procedures to influence post-ERCP complication rates

2017-06-22 Babak Alinasab
Orbital blow out fracture. To operate or not to operate – that is the question

2017-06-16 Emilija Wilson
Evidence based care of the very preterm infant : studies on thermal care and breastfeeding in Europe

2017-06-16 Jonas Strömberg
Haemorrhagic and thromboembolic complications following cholecystectomy

2017-06-09 Maria Lindström
ACL injury and surgery: aspects on function, muscular morphometry and effusion

2017-05-22 Richard Nordenvall
Cruciate Ligament Injury: Crunching the numbers

2017-05-19 Julia Arebro
Innate Mechanisms in Upper Airway Inflammation with focus on Epithelium and Neutrophils

2017-05-19 Peter Elkan
On lumbar disc herniation : aspects of outcome after surgical treatment

2017-05-18 Helen Conte
Interprofessional collaboration in the ICU – facilitating progress in teams of learners

2017-05-12 Jenny Svedenkrans
Consequences of preterm birth on lung function, physical activity and exercise capacity

2017-04-28 Lotta Tengroth
Nasal Epithelial Cells: Innate Immunity and Inflammation

2017-03-24 Anna Borgström
Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea – evaluation of questionnaire and surgical treatment

2017-03-10 Ernesto Sparrelid
Liver regeneration and function following portal vein occlusion and hepatectomy

2017-01-20 Hadi Molanaei
Studies of Drug Disposition in Hemodialysis Patients: Impact of Genetics, Inflammation and Vitamin D


2016-12-16 Parvin Tavakol Olofsson
Consequences of outsourcing referrals for radiological examinations

2016-12-14 Jia Sun
Peptide and Non-peptide Biomarkers of Mortality Risk In Patients With Advanced Chronic Kidney Disease

2016-12-09 Henrik Smeds
Cochlear Implantation: Experimental and Clinical Studies

2016-12-02 Anna Machowska
Dialysis Initiation and Clinical Outcomes in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients: Role of Education and Biomarkers

2016-12-02 Jill Nyberg
Speech outcome in children born with cleft lip and palate treated with one-stage palate repair: aspects of function and environment

2016-11-18 Leonard Clay
The evaluation, preoperative and operative aspects of abdominal wall reconstruction for giant ventral hernia

2016-11-04 Maria Cecilia Rodriguez Hortal
Non invasive ventilation in people with cystic fibrosis

2016-10-28 Carin Wallquist
Innate immunity and cardiac structure in Chronic Kidney Disease

2016-10-14 Love Engström Nordin
Drug and disease effects on the human brain studied by functional MRI techniques

2016-10-07 Ulf Schubert
Cardiovascular development of the preterm infant

2016-09-26 Farhad Abtahi
Towards heart rate variability tools in P-Health

2016-09-23 Anna Ek
Early obesity: family-based risk factors and treatment interventions

2016-09-02 Sara Shams
Cerebral microbleeds and cognitive impairment

2016-09-02 Fredrik Klevebro
Aspects of neoadjuvant therapy in the curative treatment of cancer in the esophagus or gastroesophageal junction

2016-05-20 Nicolas Martinez Carranza
Focal knee resurfacing : a translational study in sheep on the treatment of focal condylar cartilage lesions with metal implants

2016-05-13 Sunna Snædal
Markers of Inflammation and Cardiovascular Disease in Dialysis Patients: Variability and Prognostic vValue

2016-05-12 Louise Honeth
Determinants for hearing impairment in Swedish hunters, an e-epidemiological approach

2016-05-04 Mikael Lund
Cardiopulmonary adaption to one-lung ventilation and neoadjuvant therapy during treatment of esophageal cancer

2016-04-29 Ylva Tranaeus Lindblad
Early cardiovascular risk markers and cardiac function in children with chronic kidney disease

2016-03-17 Yuan Xu
Nicotine and endotoxin in airway hyperreactivity and inflammation

2016-02-26 Lisa Forsberg
Fetal exposure to neurotropic drugs -neonatal effects andlong-term outcome

2016-02-19 Emilia Hagman
Elevated Fasting Glucose Levels in Obese Children and Adolescents: Prevalence and Long-term Consequences

2016-02-12 Sara Leijon
Cellular Correlates of Sensory Processing in the Mammalian Audio-Vestibular Brainstem


2015-12-15 Elin Bacsovics Brolin
Coronary computed tomography angiography in patients with myocardial infarction and non-obstructed coronary arteries

2015-12-11 Filip Asp
Bilateral Cochlear Implants in Children - Clinical and Methodological Studies

2015-11-27 Malin Mörner
Anaemia, blood loss and colorectal cancer

2015-11-13 Yanlu Wang
A Tiny Glimpse Into the Human Brain using Model-Free Analysis for Resting-State fMRI Data

2015-10-16 Elin Johansson
Physical activity in Swedish and Chinese young children and their

2015-10-09 Linda Gyllström Krekula
Shining a Light on Organ Donation after Death– on various aspects influencing organ donation

2015-09-03 Tobias Granberg
Neuroradiological aspects of Multiple Sclerosis : from early signs to late disease stages

2015-06-09 Sarita Panula
Modelinghuman germcell development with pluripotent stem cells and characterizing
the putative oogonial stem cells

2015-06-05 Louiza Loizou
Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma : computed tomography for diagnosis, local staging and prediction of postoperative complications

2015-06-05 Carl Jorns
Hepatocyte Transplantation: Experimental and Clinical Studies

2015-05-29 Marcus Schklickum
The next level: video gaming, cognition and motivation in surgical simulator training

2015-05-23 Anna Grauers
Inheritance and genetics in idiopathic scoliosis

2015-05-22 Anna Gärdin
Magnetic resonance imaging in the evaluation of chronic Achilles tendinosis

2015-05-22 Jenny Hulkko
The expression of the structural proteins Dendrin, Plekhh2 and Neph1 in the glomerular filtration barrier

2015-05-08 Boel Niklasson
Pain relief following cesarean section : short and long term perspectives

2015-05-08 Lena Flodin
Studies on hip fracture patients – effects of nutrition and rehabilitation

2015-05-08 Päivikki Aarne
Self and Other; Socio-Emotional Aspects of Development in Children with Language Impairment

2015-04-17 Bodil Sjöberg
Vascular and Inflammatory Markers in Chronic Kidney Disease

2015-04-17 Ingrid Norman
Human papillomavirus and cervical cancer: detetion of potential markers in liquid-based cytology

2015-03-27 Victoria Hellberg
Pharmacokinetics and inner ear transport of cisplatin

2015-03-20 Anders Svensson
Intravenous Contrast Media Optimization at Computed Tomography

2015-01-16 Mårten Wendt
Clinical and molecular studies in ANCA associated vasculitis


2014-12-12 Ulrika Nygren
Effects of increased levels of androgens on voice and vocal folds in women with congenital adrenal hyperplasia and female-to-male transsexual persons

2014-12-12 Marit Westman
"Hay fever" in children - the real story

2014-12-11 Daniel Carlberg
Genetic association studies in allergic rhinitis

2014-12-05 Helena Öborn
Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Children with Chronic Kidney Disease before and after Renal Transplantation

2014-11-28 Shahla Hamza Al-Saqi
New approaches to treat women's urogenital problems

2014-11-28 Emma Honkaniemi
Studies of specific viruses from Guthrie cards and prognostic markers in bone marrow samples from children diagnosed with leukemia

2014-11-12 Fredrik Tinmark
Bimanual Movement Control: Insights from Golf Ball Striking

2014-10-03 Kristina Klintö
Speech and expressive language in Swedish-speaking children with unilateral cleft lip and palate

2014-06-13 William Apró
Regulation of protein synthesis in human skeletal muscle : separate and combined effects of exercise and amino acids

2014-06-11 Elenita Forsberg
Virtual patients for assessment of clinical reasoning

2014-06-04 Fredwell Hambiliki
Culture and vitrification of human preembryos

2014-05-28 Ulrika Löfkvist
Lexical and Semantic Development in Children with Cochlear Implants

2014-05-23 Thiane Gama Axelsson
Assessment and monitoring of nutritional status in chronic kidney disease patients

2014-04-07 Lena Anmyr
Life circumstances of children and adolescents after cochlear implantation

2014-04-04 Viktoria Svensson
Family-related obesity risk factors and dietary behaviours in high-risk populations : associations with child weight development

2014-03-21 Risul Amin (Lic)
Renal Klotho and mineral metabolism

2014-03-14 Åsa Barrefelt
Theranostics in radiology : development of targeted contrast media with treatment capability

2014-02-28 Tatjana Tomanovic
Persistent geotropic nystagmus : a different kind of cupula pathology

2014-02-28 Terezia Pincikova
Vitamin D insufficiency in cystic fibrosis: Prevalence, consequences and intervention

2014-01-24 Camilla Rydberg Millrud
Pattern-recognition receptors and neutrophils in cancer inflammation

2014-01-23 Xiaohui Jia
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1 (HIF-1) in pancreatic cancer cell aggressiveness and therapeutic resistance and the potential role for pancreatic endocrine cells in islet transplantation


2013-12-13 Eva Karltorp
Congenital CMV infection and connexin 26 mutations in childhood deafness : intervention with early cochlear implantation

2013-12-10 Ariel Saracco
Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) in Breast Tumors

2013-12-06 Jia Ting
Studies on Bone and Mineral Disorders in CKD: Determinants and Survival Implications

2013-11-29 Kerstin Johansson
Speech and voice characteristics in multiple sclerosis and cervical spinal cord injury: descriptive studies and effects of respiratory training

2013-11-22 Nanna Browaldh
Upper airway surgery in obstructive sleep apnoea -
descriptive, observational and randomised controlled studies

2013-11-22 Anna-Maria Kanold
Maternal Microchimerism

2013-10-25 Kerstin Hillergård (Lic)
Radiographic quality workflow – In the digitized healthcare environment

2013-09-26 Raed Itayem
On Fixation of Hip Resurfacing Implants

2013-08-30 Hannes Olauson
The role of FGF23/Klotho in mineral metabolism and chronic kidney disease

2013-08-23 Björn Törnqvist
Iatrogenic Bile Duct Injury During Cholecystectomy

2013-06-14 Liv Ahlborg
Go with the flow : to facilitate learning in laparoscopic gynecology

2013-06-13 Mona Sheiki
Clinical grade vitrification of human ovarian tissue for fertility preservation

2013-06-05 Christoph Ansorge
Pancreatic fistula following pancreaticoduodenectomy: risk assessment and early diagnosis

2013-05-31 Lisbet Meurling
Teamwork training using patient simulation

2013-05-29 Xiaoyan Huang
Determinants and clinical implications of circulating fatty acids in individuals with chronic kidney disease

2013-05-24 Johan Creutzfeldt
Avatar: saving lives in virtual worlds

2013-04-23 Mohammad Saliem
Cellular Replacement Therapy for Liver Disease

2013-04-05 Terese Hylander
Novel potential targets for treatment of airway inflammation

2013-02-22 Eva Flygare Wallén
Cardiometabolic health in students and young adults with mild/moderate intellectual disabilities: results from a longitudinal follow-up study and a school intervention

2013-02-15 Maria Magnusson
Coagulation in children with liver disease

2013-01-10 Ulrik Birgersson
Electrical impedance of human skin and tissue alterations : Mathematical modeling and measurements


2012-12-07 Elin Marsk
Bell's palsy: study design, prognosis and quality-of-life

2012-11-14 Kathrine Szarama
Thyroid hormone mediates fibroblast growth factor receptor expression, which both alter cell surface mechanical properties of the mammalian cochlea

2012-11-09 Madelene Olsson
Experimental models for investigating IAPP regulation of food intake in rats and mice

2012-10-24 Lars Lindsköld
Designing and using an information infrastructure in radiology : prepare - share - compare IT

2012-10-19 Eeonor Tiblad
New strategies to prevent fetal and neonatal complications in Rhesus D immunization

2012-09-28 Fredrik Swahn
Aspects of interventional endoscopic treatment of common bile duct stones

2012-09-07 Karin Lundkvist
Pharyngeal surgery and epidemiology in sleep apnea

2012-05-25 Nikolaos Kartalis
Optimized MRI methods for simplified oncological imaging in pancreas and liver

2012-05-16 Per Attner
Clinical implications of HPV in oropharyngeal cancer

2012-05-10 Natallia Luksha
Small artery dysfunction: focus on preeclampsia and end-stage renal disease

2012-05-04 Martina Persson
Type 1 diabetes in pregnancy-Perinatal outcome with special reference to fetal macrosomia

2012-04-27 Maria Lindström
Particles in small airways : Mechanisms for deposition and clearance & pharmacokinetic assessments of delivered dose to the lung

2012-04-13 Lars Hållström
Critical evaluation of nitric oxide as an immuno-modulator in humans

2012-03-16 Lena Cavallin
Reliability of visual assessment of medial temporal lobe atrophy

2012-02-10 Tomas Jonsson
Characterization of the BOLD signal in functional MRI

2012-01-20 Bengt Svensson
Restoration of scarred vocal folds with stem cell implantation: analyses in a xenograft model


2011-12-16 Ylva Tiblom Ehrsson
Nutritional follow-up of patients with head and neck cancer

2011-12-15 Björn Palmgren
Regeneration of the auditory nerve - a cell transplantation study

2011-12-09 Amer Al-Ani
Hip fracture in young and old subjects : aspects on risk factors and outcome

2011-12-02 Pernilla Danielsson
Severe childhood obesity : behavioural and pharmacological treatment

2011-09-30 Johanna Öberg
Multivariate data analysis applied to MRS and MRI studies of aging and spinal cord injury

2011-09-23 Cecilia Engmér Berglin
Local pharmacological treatment of inner ear disorders

2011-09-23 Stella Edström Halling
Renal function and renal histopathology in assessment of course and prognosis in Henoch Schönlein Nephritis and IgA nephropathy

2011-09-23 Gunnar Herlin
Nuclear medicine imaging of lung cancer and esophagus cancer

2011-06-17 Signe Altmäe
Human endometrial receptivity and embryo-endometrium interactions

2011-06-17 Johanna Rubin
Neurological complications after stem cell transplantation in children

2011-06-01 Thorhallur Agustsson
Adipose and muscle tissue metabolism in cancer cachexia

2011-05-27 Maria Altman
Moderately Preterm Infants: studies on Length of Hospital Stay and Neonatal Outcome

2011-05-27 Johan Fenhammar
Renal failure in experimental sepsis: role of Endothelin and the Toll-like receptor 4

2011-05-20 Kerstin Ekbom
Intravenous Access in Distressed Children: Effects of midazolam and nitrous oxide on success rate, hormone and metabolic stress responses

2011-05-13 Andreas Andersson
Factors influencing splanchnic microcirculation in animal models of endotoxaemia

2011-04-01 Kent Fridell
A Walk Into the Digital World - A Long and Winding Road

2011-03-18 Isabelle de Monestrol
Studies as a basis for a possible introduction of newborn screening for cystic fibrosis in Sweden

2011-02-18 Cecilia Strömberg
Aspects of Treatment of Common Bile Duct Stones

2011-02-11 Erzsebet Bartha
Costs and consequences in perioperative care: Analytic models in studies on pain treatment and on haemodynamic optimization of elderly patients

2011-02-04 Jonaz Ripsweden
Computed Tomography of the Coronary Arteries

2011-01-21 Anna-Karin Ekman
Pattern-Recognition Receptors in Airway Inflammation


2012-12-17 Alexander Ahlberg
Patients with head and neck cancer - aspects on treatment, complications and rehabilitation

2010-12-10 Michael Ryott
Predictive and prognostic biomarkers in oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma

2010-11-26 Susanne Ström
Optimisation of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Derivation and Culture - Towards Clinical Quality

2010-10-08 Marie Evans
Prognosis and Progression in Chronic Kidney Disease

2010-06-11 Fredrika Gauffin
Prognostic molecular markers of childhood leukemia

2010-06-11 Torbjörn Lundgren
Evaluation of strategies to predict and improve early graft survival in clinical islet transplantation

2010-06-10 Elzafir Elsheikh
Endothelial cells : Dysfunction and repair mechanisms

2010-06-04 Allan Abbot
Physiotherapeutic rehabilitation and lumbar fusion surgery

2010-05-28 Mona-Lisa Engman
Cytomegalovirus and herpes simplex virus infections in the fetus and newborn infant, with regard to neurodevelopmental disabilities

2010-05-28 Juha Martola
Brain volume reduction over four decades in multiple sclerosis

2010-05-21 Boubou Hallberg
Hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy : Diagnosis, hypothermia treatment and outcome

2010-05-21 Fredrik Dunér
Ultrastructural studies of the blood-urine barrier in proteinuric states

2010-05-12 Anders Stålman
Synovial metabolism after different degrees of trauma. Effects of pharmacological and physiological intervention : A microdialysis study of the knee joint synovium

2010-05-07 Anders Kjellman
Prostate cancer: Aspects of screening and prognostic factors

2010-02-26 Yi Zhang
Brain MRI and CT morphology in healthy aging and Alzheimer's disease

2010-01-15 Charlotta Olivecrona
The impact of tourniquet use in total knee arthroplasty


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