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Research clusters and projects

Research cluster ICU Metabolism

The research cluster ICU metabolism focuses on metabolic and nutritional problems in the critically ill patient undergoing major surgery and intensive care. The research group in on the edge of basic and clinical research and in that sense is translational in its approach. The group consists of basic scientist, academic clinicians and nurses. In addition it has a wide international network of collaborators. A few of the major clinical question we address in our research are:

  • Where do the high lactate levels during sepsis come from and are they always bad?
  • Where does all the albumin go during disease?
  • What are the mechanisms leading to the loss of muscle during severe disease and what are the systemic signals regulating this?
  • Can critically ill patients utilize nutritional proteins and for what?
  • Can we predict which patients will develop organ failure following a severe acute insult?
  • Why do some critically ill patients have low or high glutamine levels and why are these related to a worsened outcome?

More details on the different project can be found below or on our website:

Research cluster Periopeative medicine

Perioperative medicine (Sigrudur Kalman & Erzsebet Bartha)

Research cluster Pedagogics

Simulator based training and it’s pedagogic (Johan Creutzfeldt)