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The Faculty Board

The field of medical science covers all academic activities pursued by KI and makes up the medical faculty. The KI management includes a Faculty Board with overall strategic responsibility for education, research, and outreach work at the faculty. Its main concerns are resource allocation, quality systems, recruitment, infrastructure and internationalisation.

The Faculty Board:

  • takes general decisions, within the parameters set by the University Board or President, on the allocation of resources to the departments, central support activities, strategic investments and the frameworks for the three Committees,
  • has responsibility for ensuring that education at first, second and third-cycle levels is given the best possible conditions to develop and is conducted with high quality,
  • has responsibility for ensuring that research is given the best possible conditions to develop and is conducted with high quality,
  • decides on the introduction and discontinuation of study programmes, professional qualifications, main fields of study or general qualifications, as well as the initiation and elimination of subjects within doctoral education
  • decides on the general management organisation for education at first, second and third-cycle levels,
  • establishes the allocation of the departments’ educational assignments,
  • takes strategic decisions on the implementation of quality work within KI’s core activities, the recruitment of teaching and research staff, infrastructure, internationalisation and the long-term planning and scale of the core activities,
  • takes strategic decisions on collaboration with the healthcare sector, e.g. Region Stockholm (Stockholm County Council), other public authorities, the business sector and international actors,
  • may decide on the delegation of decision-making authority to the Committees and its other subordinate bodies as well as to the Academic Vice Presidents and other officials,
  • decides on the creation of groups and the allocation of tasks to them and to individuals insofar as the Faculty Board deems necessary for its work,
  • may task departments and departmental groups with participating in the preparation and execution of the decisions that the Faculty Board takes,
  • signs, through the chairperson or whomever the President so designates, university-wide declarations of intent and agreements on international collaboration regarding first, second and third-cycle education, research, and postdoctoral exchanges.