Key pickup for Berzelius väg

Here you will find information about how to pick up your keys if you will be staying at Berzelius väg.

Arrival instructions step by step

  1. Read all information in the arrival email and the document that is attached to the arrival email. Please be sure to bring this information when collecting your keys.
  2. Go to KI Residence Solna at Fogdevreten 13 where you can pick up your keys. A code to the main entrance is written in the arrival email.
  3. Pick up your keys from the key box. Location of the key boxes as well as key box number and code to the key box is written in the arrival email.
  4. After picking up the keys in KI Residence Solna, you must go to your accommodation at Berzelius väg. See instructions on how to get there via Google maps.
  5. Information about what address you will be staying at is written in the arrival email.
  6. Check the condition of your apartment and complete the moving-in checklist. More information about the moving-in checklist is written above.
  7. Information about the area and other practical information is written in the area information.
  8. Enjoy your stay!

Where to pick up your keys

The keys are to be picked up from a coded key box which is located in KI Residence Solna, at Fogdevreten 13.

You will find the key boxes on the wall, on the main entrance floor. The key boxes are located next to the KI Housing Reception.

For information about how to get to KI Residence Solna.

Key box and code

Information about key box and code is stated in the arrival information which is sent to you by email.

Time for the key pickup

The keys are usually available from 14.00 on the starting date of your contract. If the starting date of your contract is on a weekend/red holiday, the keys are available from 14.00 on the last working day before the starting date.

Keys to the townhouse

The tenant will receive two sets of keys. The keys go to the townhouse and the laundry room. The tenant is responsible for the keys during the whole rental period and a fee will be charged if keys are missing.

General information

The townhouses are furnished and the beds are equipped with mattress, mattress cover, quilt and pillow. Please note that you need to bring your own bed linen and towels.

Moving-in checklist

An inspection of your room/apartment has been made before your arrival. We ask you to check the condition of your room/apartment and to submit a moving-in checklist upon arrival. The moving-in checklist is available in the customer portal within a few days after your arrival and it must be completed within 10 days from the starting date of your contract. In this checklist, you can report any damages or remarks in the accommodation. If your arrival has been postponed and you cannot complete the checklist within 10 days, we ask you to send an email to

Maintenance issues

If you have any maintenance issues that need to be taken care of, we ask you to submit a maintenance report in the customer portal.

How to get to the townhouses from KI Residence Solna

The townhouses at Berzelius väg 2 are located on the KI Campus in Solna, about 800 metres from KI Residence Solna. For directions, please see Google Maps.