Moving in - Arrival information

KI Housing provides a flexible key pick-up system that allows tenants to move in also outside office hours.

Before arrival

An email with important arrival information and code to the key box is sent to the tenant 1-2 weeks before arrival. It is important that you also check your spam folder frequently to avoid missing the arrival information.

If you do not receive the arrival email, please note that it is your responsibility to send an email to at least 3 working days before the starting date of the contract to ask for the information.

If you have not received the arrival information upon arrival and have not notified us that you lack the arrival information, you must contact KI Housing immediately. If you are arriving outside office hours and lack the arrival information, you will not get access to your room/apartment before the next working day (no compensation will be given).

Time for key pickup

The keys are picked up from coded key boxes and are usually available for pickup from 14.00 on the starting date of your contract.

Key pickup procedure

The key pickup procedure differs depending on what area you will be staying in. Click on the area that you will be staying in below to find out how the key pickup procedure works in your area.

Use of the key boxes

Please note that the key boxes are only intended for key pickup upon arrival and must not be used as key storage by tenants during their stay.

Key pickup

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