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Enheten för öron-, näs- och halssjukdomar har under åren haft en mycket aktiv forskarutbildning med ett flertal doktorander som avlagt medicine doktorsexamen.


2020 -

2023-11-24 Malin Siegbahn
Growing up with one ear: central auditory structure and function in unilateral ear canal atresia

2023-06-09 Magnus Starkhammar
Airway hyperresponsiveness and viral recognizing toll-like receptors

2023-03-31 Marlin Johansson
Children with congenital unilateral sensorineural hearing loss: etiology, newborn diagnostics, and hearing aid amplification

2022-10-14 Allison Mackey
Perspectives on screening strategies for early detection of childhood hearing impairment

2022-10-07 Eric Hjalmarsson
Allergic rhinitis and intralymphatic vaccination: immune response and tolerance

2022-06-14 Malin Sellberg
Students' and supervisors' experiences of supervision and training in clinical learning environment

2022-06-03 David Landin
Clinical use of prognostic markers in head- and neck cancer

2021-11-11 Satu Turunen-Taheri
Adult patients with severe-to-profound hearing impairment : a clinical, register-based, and interview study

2021-06-04 Malin Wendt
Optimizing treatment: tumor markers and sclerotherapy in head and neck lesions

2021-05-07 Sofia Hultman Dennison
Complications due to acute rhinosinusitis in children

2021 Elisabet Engström
Neurophysiological conditions for hearing in children using hearing aids or cochlear implants: an intervention and follow-up study

2020 Joar Sundman
Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty: patient selection, long- term outcomes, and side effects

2020 Martin Eklöf
Effects of age and stimulation strategies on cochlear implantation and a clinically feasible method for sound localization latency

2020 Johan Fehrm
Surgical treatment of obstructive sleep apnea: randomized controlled studies in children and adults

2020 Laila Hellkvist
Intralymphatic immunotherapy in allergic rhinitis: Evaluating safety, efficacy and mechanisms

2020 Karin Jonstam
A personalized approach to chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps, based on biomarkers, phenotypes and new surgical thinking

2010 - 2019

2019 Sandra Ekstedt
Neutrophil subsets in airway inflammation and hyperreactivity

2018 Andreas Kaiser
Auditory Organotypic Cultures and Progenitor Cell Implantation

2018 Alexandra Elliot
Inverted Papilloma and Sinonasal Malignancies in Sweden

2018 Åsa Kågedal
Immune response and tumour cell detection in lymph nodes of head and neck cancer

2018 Luca Verrecchia
Development of vestibular evoked myogenic potentials and audiometry for the clinical diagnosis of superior canal dehiscence syndrome

2017 Åsa Bonnard
Hormonal effect on the inner ear: two endocrine syndromes

2017 Babak Alinasab
Orbital blow out fracture. To operate or not to operate – that is the question

2017 Julia Arebro
Innate Mechanisms in Upper Airway Inflammation with focus on Epithelium and Neutrophils

2017 Lotta Tengroth
Nasal Epithelial Cells: Innate Immunity and Inflammation

2017 Anna Borgström
Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea – evaluation of questionnaire and surgical treatment

2016 Henrik Smeds
Cochlear Implantation: Experimental and Clinical Studies

2016 Louise Honeth
Determinants of hearing impairment in Swedish hunters, an e-epidemiological approach

2016 Yuan Xu
Nicotine and endotoxin in airway hyperreactivity and inflammation

2015 Filip Asp
Bilateral Cochlear Implants in Children - Clinical and Methodological Studies

2015 Victoria Hellberg
Pharmacokinetics and inner ear transport of cisplatin

2014 Marit Westman
"Hay fever" in children - the real story

2014 Daniel Carlberg
Genetic association studies in allergic rhinitis

2014 Lena Anmyr
Life circumstances of children and adolescents after cochlear implantation

2014 Tatjana Tomanovic
Persistent geotropic nystagmus : a different kind of cupula pathology

2014 Camilla Rydberg Millrud
Pattern-recognition receptors and neutrophils in cancer inflammation

2013 Eva Karltorp
Congenital CMV infection and connexin 26 mutations in childhood deafness: intervention with early cochlear implantation

2013 Nanna Browladh
Upper airway surgery in obstructive sleep apnoea : descriptive, observational and randomised controlled studies

2013 Terese Hylander
Novel potential targets for treatment of airway inflammation

2012 Elin Marsk
Bell's palsy : study design, prognosis and quality-of-life

2012 Karin Lundkvist
Pharyngeal surgery and epidemiology in sleep apnea

2012 Per Attner
Clinical Implications of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in oropharyngeal cancer

2012 Bengt Svensson
Restoration of scarred vocal folds with stem cell implantation: analyses in a xenograft model

2011 Ylva Tiblom Ehrsson
Nutritional follow-up of patients with head and neck cancer

2011 Björn Palmgren
Regeneration of the auditory nerve - a cell transplantation study

2011 Cecilia Engmér Berglin
Local pharmacological treatment of inner ear disorders

2011 Anna-Karin Ekman
Pattern-Recognition Receptors in Airway Inflammation

2010 Alexander Ahlberg
Patients with head and neck cancer - aspects on treatment, complications and rehabilitation

2010 Michael Ryott
Predictive and prognostic biomarkers in oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma

2010 Anna Granath
Clinical and pathogenic aspects of otitis media

2000 - 2009

2009 Petter Olsson
Prevalance of upper airway symptoms and aspects on treatment of nasal polyposis

2009 Christina Forshell Hederstierna
Hearing in menopausal women and in women with Turner syndrome, a model for hearing matured in an estrogen-deficient environment

2009 Rusana Simonoska
Sex steroid hormone receptors: Inner ear & hearing

2008 Pia Nerfeldt
Weight reduction and alcohol abuse in sleep apnea patients

2008 Anders Ehnhage
Nasal and bronchial testing as well as treatment of patients with airway hyperresponsiveness and inflammation focusing on the united airway concept

2008 Susanna Kumlien Georén
Endogenous and exogenous glucocorticoid effects in a model of allergic airway inflammation.

2008 Lalle Hammarstedt
Tonsillar cancer : Incidence, prevalence of HPV and survival

2007 Karin Toll
Pregnancy rhinitis : Pathophysiological effects of oestrogen and treatment with oral decongestants

2005 Ion Tcacencu
Regenerative medicine of the airway cartilage : A morphological and immunohistochemical study with focus on cricoid cartilage defects treated with BMP-2

2005 Caroline Gahm
Nitric oxide in brain contusion

2004 Gert Henriksson
Clinical, immunological and olfactory aspects of sinusitis and nasal polyposis: With special reference to patients with cystic

2004 Stig Rudblad
Nasal mucosal reactivity after long-time exposure to building dampness

2004 Jörgen Palm
Nasal airway nitric oxide : Methodological aspects and influence of inflammation

2004 Sushma Nordemar
Methods for early diagnosis of head and neck cancer

2004 Ebba Hedén Blomqvist
Evaluation of medical and/or surgical treatment of anosmia/hyposmia in association with inflammatory disease of the upper airway

2003 Andreas Ekborn
Cisplatin induced ototoxicity : Pharmacokinetics, prediction and prevention

2003 Georgios Papatziamos
Immunological studies of adenoids in children. Relation and atopy.

2002 Anne-Charlotte Hessén Söderman
Morbidity in Menieres disease; aspects on quality of life and triggering factors.

2002 Christina Larsson
Stiffness changes of the tympanic membrane in otitis media.

2002 Michael Lysdahl
Rhonchopathy: Long-term clinical results after palatal surgery.

2001 Esma Idrizbegovic
Calcium binding protein immunoreactivity in the central auditory system correlations with the auditory periphery. The effects of noise and aging in mice.

2001 Annika Elmqvist Stenberg
Ear and hearing problems in Turner syndrome.

2000 Urban Knutsson
Individual glucocorticoid sensitivity in the human.

2000 Erik Berninger
Quinine as a model for the study of cochlear hearing loss in humans

2000 Karin Lindberg
Nasopharynx and mucosa associated lymphatic tissue. Studies on mucosal immunity, nasopharyngeal colonization with non-encapsulated non-typable Haemophilus influenzae and local administration of immunoglobulin in the upper respiratory tract

2000 Hans Grudemo
Rhinostereometry and laser doppler flowmetry. Simultaneous measurements of inflammation and steroid effects in normal and allergic human nasal mucosa

2000 Marie Forseni Flodin
Inflammation mediators and immunocompetent cells in the middle ear with particular regards to otitis media and tympanosclerosis

1990 - 1999

1999 Karin Forsgren
Mucosal regeneration following sinus surgery

1999 Anders Westermark
On inferior alveolar nerve function after sagittal split osteotomy of the mandible.

1999 Anders Högmo
Squamous cell carcinoma and preneoplastic lesions of the oral cavity. Biological factors and prognosis.

1998 Wanje Jäger
Physiological aspects of cochlear excitation and neurotransmitter release abstract.

1998 Mats Lidegran
Effects of drugs and irradiation on the laryngeal mucosa of the rat, with special reference to mast cells and neuropeptides.

1997 Karin Ågren
Immune response in human tonsil tissue.

1997 Danielle Friberg
Nerve lesions in pharynx - an aetiology of obstructive sleep apnoea.

1997 Tomas Norlander
Effects of the inflammatory response and formation of polyps in the nasal and sinus mucosa

1997 Wiveka Westergren
Ventilator-associated sinusitis.

1997 Jonas Karling
Speech and velopharyngeal function in patients with hypernasality.

1994 Anders Samuelsson
Non-capulated Haemophilus influenzae. Aspects of epidemiology and pathgenicity with special reference to recurrent respiratory tract infections.

1994 Joachim Forsgren
Nasopharyngeal host-parasite interactions with special reference to non-encapsulated Haemophilus influnezae.

1994 Xi Zheng
Studies on etiological factors in nasopharyngeal carcinoma.

1994 Magnus von Unge
Mechanical properties of the tympanic membrane. An experimental study.

1994 Claes Hemlin
Secretory otitis media. Bacteriology and immunology of the nasopharynx.

1994 Hans Hallén
Nasal mucosa reactivity in healthy subjects, in patients with non-allergic nasal hyperreactivity and in patients with nasal polyps.

1994 Peter Graf
Overuse of oxy- and xylometazoline nasal sprays.
Chanfes in nasal mucosal swelling and histamine sensitivity in healthy subjects and in patients with rhinitis medicamentosa.

1993 Lars Lundblad
Round window membrane permeability. An experimental study.

1993 Håkan Larsson
Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrom. Aspects on evaluation, etiology and treatment.

1992 Karl Magnus Westrin
The course of experimental sinusitis. Histological, microbiological and biochemical aspects.

1991 Göran Laurell
Ototoxicity of the anticancer drug cisplatin. Clinical and experimental aspects.

1991 Per-Olle Haraldsson
Rhonchopathy a treatable traffic hazard.

1991 Pär Stjärne
Sensory and motor reflex control of nasal mucosal blood flow and secretion: Clinical implication s in non-allergic nasal hyperreactivity.

1990 Kjell K. Karlsson
On quinine and hearing.

1980 - 1989

1989 Magnus Holst
Elective cricothyroidotomy. Clinical and experimental studies on respiratory mechanics, complications and postoperative voice function.

1989 Mats Holmström
Effects of formaldehyde and wood dust on the upper airways.

1989 Eva Munck-Wikland
Cancer in esophagus. A clinical and experimental investigation of prognostic and diagnostic methods.

1988 Mats E. Nilsson
The upper esophageal sphincter. A simultaneous cineradiographic and manometric study of healthy subjects and of patients with Zenker's diverticulum.

1988 Pontus Stierna
Experimental and clinical studies of maxillary sinusitis. Energy metabolism, bacteriology and histology with special reference to acute pneumococcal sinusitis in rabbits.

1988 Olof Berg
Etiological Diagnosis in sinusitis.

1988 Lars Fredelius
Degeneration pattern in the guinea pig organ of corti after pure tone acoustic overstimulation.

1987 Sven Olof Wikström
Microchemical and morphological characterization of inner ear development.

1986 Kajsa Tunér
Studies on beta-lactamase producing anaerobic bacteria in recurrent tonsillitis and peritonsillitis.

1986 Gunnar Marklund
Tonsillar Angina and Host Response During Infectious Mononucleosis

1985 Louise Widemar
Membrane shrapnelli and its mast cells. A structural and biochemical study in the rat with special references to experimentally induced otitis media with effusion.

1985 Malou Hultcrantz
Structure and function of the adult inner ear in the mouse following prenatal irradiation.

1984 Jan Kumlien
Blood flow measurements in sinus and nasal mucosa. Methodological studies with special references to induced sinusitis in rabbits.

1984 Bo Wilhelmsson
Effects of wood dust on the nasal mucosa. A clinical and experimental study.

1984 Lars Lundblad
Protective reflexes and vascular effects in the nasal mucosa elicited by activation of capsaixin-sensitive substance P-immunoreactive trigeminal neurons.

1983 Anders Freijd
The otitis-prone child. A clinical, immunological and bacteriological study.

1983 Aron Sobin
Vestibular sensory cell pathology in a strain of the waltzing guinea pig. A morphological study on hereditary labyrinthine pathology.

1983 Stefan Engquist
Granulocyte function in maxillary sinusitis.

1982 Britt Carlsson (Nordlander)
On granulocyte protease and protease inhibitors i n otitis media.

1982 Hans Nordemar
Differentiation of the inner ear structures in vivo and in vitro. An experimental study.

1981 Richard Kuylenstierna
Cryosurgery if the mandible. An experimental study in rabbits.

1970 - 1979

1978 Britta Rynnel-Dagöö
Adenoid tissue. Effect of adenoidextomy and in vitro immunological studies on adenoid lymphocytes.

1978 Matti Anniko
Atoxyl induced pathological changes of the inner ear. A model system for the study if ototoxicity.

1977 Jan-Erik Juto

1977 Christer Carenfelt
Maxillary sinusitis.

1977 Dan Bagger-Sjöbäck
The basilar papilla of the lizard.

1974 Magnus Lind
A symmetry detector method for gammaencephalography.

1974 Lennarat Mendel
Vestibular recruitment.

1974 Anders Änggård
Autonomic nervous control of blood circulation and secretion in the nasal mucosa.

1942 -

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