Forskarstuderande vid enheten för obstetrik och gynekologi

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Laura Baque Vidal

Genome engineered pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine
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Ida Björk

The impact of vacuum assisted delivery characteristics on short- and long-term offspring outsomes

Frederik Bär

Developing patient-specific iPSC based treatment of blindness
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Jasmin Hassan

SveaFertil-Development of fertility preservation through cryopreservation for young girls

Tianyi Li

FREIA – mechanisms of ovarian disruption by environmental chemicals

Eleftheria Maria Panagiotou

Analysis of cell type-specific adverse effects in ovaries
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Estelle Pitti

SAFEVAD – Biomechanical modelling and imaging for safer vacuum assisted delivery
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Sarah Saietz

Embryonic stem cell-based treatment of retinal degenerative disease

Maria Stefopoulou

Fetal brain circulation in the second half of pregnancy: A Doppler ultrasonographic study

Aikaterini Zamprakou

Non-invasive assessment of fetal hypoxia during pregnancy and delivery