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Forskarstuderande - obstetrik och gynekologi

Ylva Crona Guterstam

Determing human uterine NK cell phenotype, transcriptional regulation and function using a novel non-invasive method for sample collection

Richelle Duque Björvang

Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals on Female Reproductive Health

Beata Molin

Persistent pain related to pregnancy and delivery - a survey

Nashwan Jalal Markus

Genetic studies of human embryo development

Sara Padrell Sánchez

Differentiation of hESC into retinal cells followed by its transplantation into animal models

Alvaro Plaza Reyes

Exploring and generating cell type specificity in the early human embryo and in regenerative medicine

Stefhanie Romero

Traction force and long-term outcome in children born after vacuum extraction delivery

Emilia Rotstein

Pelvic floor dysfunction after delivery – aspects on diagnostics, symptoms and treatment

Karin Rova

Thromboembolism in IVF treatments with special attention to the impact of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome, OHSS

Johanna Schwarz

Exploring mammalian preimplantation development and pluripotency.

Lars Thurn

Massiv transfusion i samband med obstetriska blödningar speciellt vid placenta akreta och fostervattenemboli

Magdalena Wagner

What keeps ovarian follicles alive?

Nerges Winblad

Exploring early human development and regenerative medicine utilizing the CRISPR/Cas gene editing system