Novo Nordisk Fellowships

Novo Nordisk Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme at Karolinska Institutet

This fellowship programme aims to support the development of a new generation of exceptional young diabetes and metabolism researchers, to become future leaders in the field, while further developing scientific excellence within these areas ultimately improving the lives of patients.

Open postdoctoral positions

The fellowship programme is now looking to recruit 5 outstanding postdoctoral research fellows. The deadline to submit your application is midnight CEST on 23 April 2017. 

  • The postdoctoral research positions are aimed at early career researchers.
  • The postdoctoral positions are fully funded for a 3 year period and will provide a salary and a travel allowance for the fellow.
  • These prestigious fellowships are open to outstanding candidates of any nationality.
  • Fellows will be based in world-leading research groups at Karolinska Institutet with a focus on diabetes and its comorbidities, endocrinology and metabolism.
  • There are possibilities for Fellows to spend time in the labs of Novo Nordisk in Copenhagen and Fellows will thus gain insight into research conducted in both academia and industry.

Research Projects for Fellows

The following 10 projects are available:

Principal Investigator(s) Project
Hjalmar Brismar and Anita Aperia A novel concept for origin and treatment of diabetic nephropathy
Christian Broberger The ventral premammillary nucleus: At the crossroads of metabolism and reproduction in the brain
Sofia Carlsson Prognosis of LADA-latent autoimmune diabetes in adults and type 2 diabetes; influence of genes, lifestyle and treatment
Carsten Daub, Mikael Rydén and Peter Arner

Elucidating the molecular mechanisms behind impaired insulin-induced transcriptional regulation in human adipose tissue

Rachel Fisher and Per Eriksson

Identification and functional characterization of novel proteins involved in hepatic triglyceride metabolism in man

Anna Krook and Juleen Zierath

Maintaining skeletal muscle mass to prevent metabolic disease and promote healthy ageing

Ingo Leibiger

The role of insulin receptor isoforms in selective insulin signaling in pancreatic beta cell physiology/pathology

Stephen Malin and Göran K Hansson

The molecular and cellular consequences of acute hypercholesterolemia
Elisabet Stener-Victorin Maternal Androgen Excess and Maternal Obesity – Does it Program for Transgenerational Metabolic, Reproductive and Behavioural Disease?

Eckardt Treuter

On the role of non-coding RNAs in the epigenomic control of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes

Apply latest April 23: link to KI application system with all information


Workshops and meetings

The Programme organizes workshops and meetings on recent findings in diabetes research. 

Program from workshop Nov 10, 2016 can be downloaded here

Postdoctoral fellows recruited

Postdoctoral Fellow Principal Investigator
Dr Ester Bachar-Wikström Ass Prof Olov Andersson, Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology.

Dr Isabel Cordero Herrera


Assoc Prof Mattias Carlström, Renal and Cardiovascular Research, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Lucile Dollet Prof Anna Krook and Prof Juleen Zierath, Section of Integrative Physiology, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Alastair Kerr Assoc Prof Ingrid Dahlman, Lipid Laboratory, Dept of Medicine Huddinge

Dr Lars Ketscher                                              

Assoc Prof Jorge Ruas, Molecular and cellular exercise physiology group, Dept of Physiology and Pharmacology
Dr Nicole Schmitner Ass Prof Olov Andersson, Dept of Cell and Molecular Biology

Dr Soile Tuomela 

Prof Malin Flodström Tullberg, Dept of Medicine Huddinge
Dr Pauline Vercruysse              Assoc Prof Christina Bark, Dept of Molecular Medicine and Surgery
Dr Montserrat Visa Prof Per-Olof Berggren, Dept of Molecular Medicine and Surgery

Program Steering Committee

Karolinska Institutet members Novo Nordisk members

 Prof. Juleen Zierath, Clinical Physiology. Steering Committee Chairman

 Dr. Peter Kurtzhals, Senior Vice President Global Research

 Prof. Anders Gustafsson, Dean of Research

 Dr. Martin Ridderstråle, Vice President Clinical Pharmacology

nancy pedersen Prof. Nancy Pedersen, Medical Epidemiology

 Dr. Allan Ertmann Karlsen, Vice President Global Research External Affairs

 Prof. Lars Gustafsson, Physiology

 Dr. Uli Stilz, Vice President R&D Academic Partnerships



Program Manager

Marie Björnholm