Admission and application to doctoral education at PHS

This page describes the process of becoming a registered doctoral student at the Department of Public Health Sciences. 

There is no general admission to doctoral education at Karolinska Institutet. All admission procedures are handled at the department level. There are, however, general rules established by Karolinska Institutet for admission to doctoral education. The admission procedure at the Department of Public Health Sciences is carried out according to the general rules for doctoral education at KI

Apply for eligibility assessment for doctoral studies

All prospective doctoral students must meet both the general and the specific entry requirements for doctoral education. Your application for eligibility assessment must be approved before you can apply for admission to doctoral studies.

The application for eligibility assessment should be submitted to the central administration at Karolinska Institutet (the address is included in the form). Please note that the processing times for eligibility assessments may be up to three weeks. If your application is incomplete, it may take longer. Download the application for eligibility assessment

Apply for admission at PHS

To apply for doctoral studies at the department of Public Health Sciences, you need to submit your application to the secretary of the Admissions Board, at least two weeks in advance of the admission seminar. Find more information about admission seminars and admissions board at PHS

Please note that your eligibility assessment must be approved before you can apply for admission to doctoral studies at the department. A copy of their decision should then be enclosed with the application for admission.

Application for doctoral studies

Your application should consist of the following:

  • A research project plan (5 pages) - written together with your supervisor
  • Statement of financial support – both for the doctoral student and for the research project.
    Please note the list about what to include in your letter of financial support.
  • Ethical approval according to the alternatives below:
    - Alternative 1. Copy of the application(s) and the decision(s) attached.
    - Alternative 2. If ethical clearance has not yet been given, an application will be made at a later date and the undersigned principal supervisor is fully aware of the responsibility to provide such a clearance. 
  • Curriculum Vitae (50 words)
  • Summary of research plan (250 words)
  • Protocol from your pre-registration seminar held at PHS 
  • Certificate/Diploma showing that your principal supervisor have completed research supervisor training
  • A copy of the approved eligibility assessment

Include the following forms with your application:

The forms listed above are also available at the page containing all forms and documents for doctoral education at KI

Submit your application to:

Administrative officer

Marita Larsson

Phone: 08-524 801 05
Organizational unit: Department of Public Health Sciences (PHS), K9

After submission of your application

After submission, your application is reviewed to ensure that it is complete and complies with all formalities. If a supplement is required, the secretary of the Admissions Board will contact you.

Admission seminar

An invitation to the admission seminar will be sent to you and your supervisors approximately one week before the seminar.

Your presentation at the seminar should be 10 minutes long and held in English. The presentation is followed by a discussion where the Admissions Board will pose questions to the applicant. The total time is 30 minutes. At least one of the supervisors, preferably the main supervisor, shall be present at the seminar.

Decision on admission

The final discussion on the application is held behind closed doors. The Head of the Department makes the decision in consultation with the Admissions Board. The decision cannot be appealed, but a rejection of an application does not exclude a student from making a new application.

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