PSF general information and operating guidelines

The aim of PSF is to provide cloning, expression screening and protein production services as well as access to instrumentation for high throughput crystallography and biophysical characterization to facilitate research activities for academic research groups. The PSF platform is built on the experiences from the Structural Genomics Consortium and is supported by Karolinska Institutet, SciLifeLab and VR-SWEDSTRUCT


How to become a user

After an initial contact we arrange a meeting to discuss the details  and timing of a project. For the national services an application form is then to be filled in to assist the SWEDSTRUCT board, appointed by VR,  to prioritize projects based on scientific impact if required due to overfilled capacity. We try to accommodate requests as soon as possible and generally we can start to work on a project within a few days after agreement.


Cloning and protein production, general enquiries

Senior Lecturer

Helena Berglund

Phone: 08-524 868 43
Organizational unit: Protein Science Facility


Senior researcher

Tomas Nyman

Phone: 08-524 868 71
Organizational unit: Protein Science Facility

Protein crystallography

Senior lab manager

Martin Moche

Phone: 08-524 868 43
Organizational unit: Protein Science Facility


User fees and billing

The academic user fee is mainly composed by consumables, instruments and university OH. Some cost for staff and rent is included for the biophysics and crystallography platforms.  Commercial users pay full costs including staff, premises and an added margin.

All experimental work is included in the invoices for protein production services. Projects/samples that fail during technically successful experiments are transferred back to the user together with generated data. Additional investigation or problem solving is performed after discussion and agreement with the user. 

Instrument access charges are based on users recording actual instrument use in log-books. Recurring failures to do so will result in a penalty fee and instrument access being revoked.
Invoices are sent quarterly.


How to acknowledge PSF

To support PSF in future evaluations and applications all users are required to acknowledge experimentation or services performed at PSF in manuscripts submitted for publication.  We are grateful for information about publications where PSF have been of use. 

Suggested acknowledgment text
Part of this work was facilitated by the Protein Science Facility at Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab  (  
Part of this work was performed at the Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab Protein Science Core Facility (