About us at the Division of Psychology

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At the Division of Psychology, we're conducting research at the intersection between psychology and biomedicine at Karolinska Institutet and the Karolinska University Hospital. Currently, there are twelve different research groups at the divsion. We're responsible for the main part of the courses that are given at the psychology program at Karolinska Institutet, and we're also responsible for many of the courses at Karolinska Institutet at the undergraduate, postgradutate and doctoral level. We're also periodically organising open seminars where everyone who wants to immerse themselves futher in psychology are welcomed.


The History of the Division

The Divison of Psychology has a relatively short history. It has its origin in a research professorate that the Medical Research Council awarded to Marianne Frankenhaeuser in 1969. This professorate was subsequently transfered to Karolinska Institutet 1980. After the retirement of Professor Frankenhaeuser in 1993, Arne Öhman took over the professorate at the same time that the Division got incorporated as a part of the Department of Clinical Neuroscience. The Division of Psychology has since then expanded significantly in both research and education.


Contact information

The Division of Psychology is located at Nobels väg 9 (postal code 171 177) at Karolinska Institutet's campus in Solna.



If you want to contact us regarding administrative or other non-research related question, you should as a first resort get in touch with one of the persons listed below.


The head of the division: 


Mats J Olsson

Phone: 08-524 824 64
Organizational unit: Psychology M Olsson
E-mail: mats.j.olsson@ki.se

The acting heads of the division: 


Ata Ghaderi

Organizational unit: Psychology Ghaderi
E-mail: Ata.Ghaderi@ki.se

Emily Holmes

Organizational unit: Psychology Unit
E-mail: emily.holmes@ki.se

The head of the psychology program:

Senior lecturer

Jenny Wikström Alex

Phone: 08-524 824 50
Organizational unit: Psychology Melin
E-mail: Jenny.Wikstrom.Alex@ki.se

The director of the undergraduate courses at the division:


Knut Sturidsson

Phone: 08-524 824 84
Organizational unit: Psychology Undergraduate education
E-mail: Knut.Sturidsson@ki.se



Paula Lagerfors

Phone: 08-524 824 40
Organizational unit: Psychology Undergraduate education
E-mail: paula.lagerfors@ki.se


Graduate Student

Martin Asperholm

Organizational unit: Psychology Herlitz
E-mail: martin.asperholm@ki.se