Information for PhD students admitted from 1st January 2018

◄ 7. Half-time review

► NEXT Degree certificate and Diploma Supplement

General information: Time to defend your thesis

Prior to thesis defence it is expected that doctoral students can:

  • Formulate and test scientific hypotheses and independently utilise methodologies relevant to their scientific area.
  • Demonstrate expert and general knowledge of their scientific field that exceeds the knowledge obtained through practical conduct of their project. Such theoretical areas should be well defined in the individual study plan for each student.
  • Communicate scientific results and theories both orally and in writing using appropriate media tools and techniques.
  • Understand and evaluate new scientific ideas from a discipline through both scientific and societal perspectives.
  • Work both independently and as part of a team.
The opponent and examiners should be impartial to all of the supervisors. The written thesis should reflect personal development of the student.



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