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Assistant Professor and Research Team Leader at the Department of Oncology-Pathology


  • 2013 – 2018: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Science For Life Laboratory, Karolinska Instituet, Sweden
  • 2009 – 2013: PhD in Biochemistry, Genome Damage & Stability Centre, University of Sussex, UK
  • 2005 – 2008: BSc (Hons) in Biochemistry, University of Manchester, UK


My research team is focused upon gaining a better understanding of the chemotherapies currently employed in cancer treatment. In particular, we are interested in the metabolic processes within cancer cells, such as those responsible for maintaining genome stability, and how we can exploit these to enhance the efficacy of existing cancer therapies. In our current work, funded by a starting grant from the Swedish Research Council, we are focused upon a group of common chemotherapies, called nucleobase and nucleoside analogues, and how the efficacy of these therapies can be modulated by nucleotide metabolic enzymes, such as the deoxynucleoside triphosphate triphosphohydrolase SAMHD1.


For further reading see selected publications:

Targeting SAMHD1 with the Vpx protein to improve cytarabine therapy for hematological malignancies.

SAMHD1 protects cancer cells from various nucleoside-based antimetabolites.

SAMHD1 is a barrier to antimetabolite-based cancer therapies.

Pathways controlling dNTP pools to maintain genome stability.

Pedagogiska meriter

Main supervisor for MSc students

Co-supervisor for PhD student

Akademiska priser och utmärkelser

Faculty-funded Assistant Professor postion from Karolinska Institutet

Starting grant from The Swedish Research Council

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship

EMBO Long-Term Fellowship


Low-level expression of SAMHD1 in acute myeloid leukemia (AML) blasts correlates with improved outcome upon consolidation chemotherapy with high-dose cytarabine-based regimens
Rassidakis Gz, Herold N, Myrberg Ih, Tsesmetzis N, Rudd Sg, Henter Ji, et al
Blood cancer journal 2018;8(11):98-

Nucleobase and Nucleoside Analogues: Resistance and Re-Sensitisation at the Level of Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics and Metabolism
Tsesmetzis N, Paulin Cbj, Rudd Sg, Herold N
Cancers 2018;10(7):-

Targeted NUDT5 inhibitors block hormone signaling in breast cancer cells
Page Bdg, Valerie Nck, Wright Rhg, Wallner O, Isaksson R, Carter M, et al
Nature communications 2018;9(1):250-

SAMHD1 is a barrier to antimetabolite-based cancer therapies
Rudd Sg, Schaller T, Herold N
Molecular & cellular oncology 2017;4(2):e1287554-

SAMHD1 protects cancer cells from various nucleoside-based antimetabolites
Herold N, Rudd Sg, Sanjiv K, Kutzner J, Bladh J, Paulin Cbj, et al
Cell cycle (Georgetown, Tex.) 2017;16(11):1029-1038

Targeting SAMHD1 with the Vpx protein to improve cytarabine therapy for hematological malignancies
Herold N, Rudd Sg, Ljungblad L, Sanjiv K, Myrberg Ih, Paulin Cb, et al
Nature medicine 2017;23(2):256-263

With me or against me: Tumor suppressor and drug resistance activities of SAMHD1
Herold N, Rudd Sg, Sanjiv K, Kutzner J, Myrberg Ih, Paulin Cbj, et al
Experimental hematology 2017;52():32-39

hMYH and hMTH1 cooperate for survival in mismatch repair defective T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia
Eshtad S, Mavajian Z, Rudd Sg, Visnes T, Boström J, Altun M, et al
Oncogenesis 2016;5(12):e275-

Pathways controlling dNTP pools to maintain genome stability
Rudd Sg, Valerie Nck, Helleday T
DNA repair 2016;44():193-204

Validation and development of MTH1 inhibitors for treatment of cancer
Warpman Berglund U, Sanjiv K, Gad H, Kalderén C, Koolmeister T, Pham T, et al
Annals of oncology : official journal of the European Society for Medical Oncology 2016;27(12):2275-2283

Human PrimPol is a highly error-prone polymerase regulated by single-stranded DNA binding proteins
Guilliam Ta, Jozwiakowski Sk, Ehlinger A, Barnes Rp, Rudd Sg, Bailey Lj, et al
Nucleic acids research 2015;43(2):1056-68

PrimPol-A new polymerase on the block
Rudd Sg, Bianchi J, Doherty Aj
Molecular & cellular oncology 2014;1(2):e960754-

PPL2 translesion polymerase is essential for the completion of chromosomal DNA replication in the African trypanosome
Rudd Sg, Glover L, Jozwiakowski Sk, Horn D, Doherty Aj
Molecular cell 2013;52(4):554-65

PrimPol bypasses UV photoproducts during eukaryotic chromosomal DNA replication
Bianchi J, Rudd Sg, Jozwiakowski Sk, Bailey Lj, Soura V, Taylor E, et al
Molecular cell 2013;52(4):566-73

WT1 and its transcriptional cofactor BASP1 redirect the differentiation pathway of an established blood cell line
Goodfellow Sj, Rebello Mr, Toska E, Zeef La, Rudd Sg, Medler Kf, et al
The Biochemical journal 2011;435(1):113-25

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