Swedish BSL3 Network

High-level containment laboratories are a cornerstone for pandemic laboratory preparedness (PLP). The purpose of the Swedish BSL3 Network is to strengthen national PLP by improving interactions between BSL3 facilities in the country.

The Swedish BSL3 Network is part of SciLifeLab’s pandemic laboratory preparedness program funded by the Swedish government, 

Aims of the network

Stronger together!

  • Promote collaboration: share experience, knowledge and technology.
  • Identify focus points and specific capabilities of each BSL3 facility.



The network is open to Swedish BSL3 facilities in academia and government. BSL3 users, support staff and management are welcome to join. For membership information, please contact Marjo Puumalainen.

A map over Sweden
Members in Sweden Photo: N/A


Marianna Tampere

Project Manager, Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness