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The Smart City Active Mobile Phone Intervention aimed to increase active transportation and thereby promote daily physical activity in adults.

What is SCAMPI?

Physical inactivity is a major public health problem today, and one way to increase your daily physical activity is by instead of taking the car or bus use walking or cycling for transportation (i.e. active transportation). In the mHealth study SCAMPI (The Smart City Active Mobile Phone Intervention) we want to evaluate whether a mobile phone app can motivate more active transportation in adults. Recruitment was initiated in Sep 2017 with a goal of … participants. All participants get access to the SCAMPI app for 6 months, through which their way of transport is continuously recorded. During 12 weeks, the intervention group also gets messages through the app, containing support and tips for a more active transport in their daily life, whereas the control group will use the app without getting any messages. Participants in the intervention group can also set personal goals and get feedback based on these goals, whereas the control group cannot – they can only see their monitored activity and summaries of the data. Other assessments include baseline measurements using a web-based questionnaire and objective measurement of physical activity levels using accelerometers. These assessments are repeated 3 and 6 months after baseline. The aim with the SCAMPI intervention is to increase daily physical activity levels in adults through active transportation, and also to evaluate what factors influence their level of physical activity.