A mobile app for pregnant women, promoting healthy lifestyle habits and weight gain.

What is HealthyMoms?

This project is a randomized controlled trial aimed to assess the effectiveness of an mHealth tool (a smartphone application; “HealthyMoms”, developed based on the MINISTOP app) to promote healthy lifestyle habits and weight gain in pregnant women. Recruitment (still ongoing) was initiated in Oct 2017 in Östergötland , Sweden, with the goal to include a total of 300 women in their early pregnancy. After baseline measures at gestational week 14, half of the women are randomized into the control group, who get ordinary verbal information and care from their maternal healthcare center. The intervention group will however, in addition to ordinary care, also get access to the HealthyMoms app throughout their pregnancy. This app contains information, tips and strategies on healthy lifestyle habits with a focus on diet and physical activity. It also contains instructional videos, optional data registration, push-notes and personal feedback. The information and support included in the HealthyMoms app are based on guidelines on diet and physical activity from the Swedish Food Agency (Livsmedelsverket). Weight gain during pregnancy, blood sugar levels, physical activity (accelerometer) and dietary habits (web-based questionnaire) are monitored in all women, and a few days after delivery both mom and her baby are measured for weight and body composition (body fatness, BodPod). The HealthyMoms project will be finalized in 2020, but so far, most women are very satisfied with the mHealth tool, which is promising for future implementation. 


The HealthyMoms-trial is ongoing.

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