We have access to three PET systems. One nanoScan PET/MRI and two nanoScan PET/CT multimodal small animal imaging systems. The PET modules (spatial resolution 0.8mm) a 1T static MRI module (spatial resolution <100 µm), and a CT module (min. voxel size: 10-34 µm).

PET instruments

  • PET – Highest PET resolution (using the industry’s most advanced pixelated modular LYSO detectors),  high count rate tolerance supporting high activity studies of multiple animals or short half-life isotopes. Easy access to the animal from both the front and the back.
  • CT – Possibility for low dose, high resolution and high speed CT with real time reconstruction for high throughput experiments. Easy access to the animal from both the front and the back.
  • MRI – High soft tissue contrast in a compact system (1T MRI) that is optimized to perform fast routine studies and built in with the PET system. We can also offer 9.4T MRI as an option for high resolution MRI and more complex experiment such as synchronising scans to the breathing and heart cycle of the animal.

Basic Principles


Radio Pharmacy

KERIC have close collaboration with Radio pharmacy Core Facility (RCF) at KI that have access to several in house cyclotrons. We can do PET with tracers with short half time containing 18F, FTG or 11C, 123I or long half time such as 89Zr or 68Ga, 125I, or with more complicated ligands that can be activated in-vivo.

Radio pharmacy Core Facility (RCF)

Contact for Radio Pharmacy

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Thuy Tran

PET and Radiochemistry Scientist, Ass. prof.



We can also assist with access to Autoradiografi for validation of radio ligands used in PET projects with KERIC.

Autoradiography Core Facility (ARG)

Contact for Autoradiography

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Vasco Sousa

Facility Manager and Head of ARG
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