Autoradiography Core Facility - about us

The Autoradiography Core facility (ARG) was set up in 2019 with help of KI-SLL (Region Stockholm) core facility support.

Our services are commonly used in drug or PET tracer development, for example in the evaluation of radioligands for misfolded proteins, such as tau and alpha-synuclein. We also run studies in theranostic tracer development projects.

Our team

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Vasco Sousa

Facility Manager and Head of Unit

Åsa Södergren

Biomedical scientist
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Andrea Varrone

Scientific Director


We work closely with other facilities in the Center for Imaging Research (CIR), particularly the Radiopharmacy core facility (RCF)Karolinska Experimental Research and Imaging Centre (KERIC) and the Brain Molecular Imaging Centre (BMIC).

Our combined services and infrastructure give users the opportunity to develop fully translational molecular imaging studies ranging from drug screening and radioligand development and production to translational in vivo and clinical PET and MRI imaging. 

We regularly work with users from academic and clinical research groups as well as academic research group partnerships with pharmaceutical companies. 

Contact and visit us

The Autoradiography Core Facility is an independent unit, included in the Division of Imaging Core Facilities at the Department of Clinical Neuroscience, and is part of the Centre for Imaging Research (CIR).


Postal address: Karolinska Institutet, Autoradiography Core Facility, Department of Clinical Neurosocience, SE-17177 Stockholm, Sweden

Visiting address: Bioclinicum, J5:20, Akedemiska Stråket 1, SE-171 64 Solna