Defending your thesis at the Department of Public Health Sciences

Dissertation at KI. Photographer: Erik Cronberg

The Department of Public Health Sciences follows the general rules for dissertation defence at Karolinska Institutet. Here you will find information regarding defending your thesis at the department. 

1. Prepare your application

Three months (twelve weeks) or more prior to your dissertation, you should prepare your application.

  • Inform your research group administrator
    Talk to your research group administrator and let him/her know that it is time to start the process, do this as early as possible.
  • Contact opponent and members of the examination board
    Establish contact with the opponent and members of the examination board to make sure they are available at the date for your defence.
  • Contact the printing house
    Contact the printing house AJ E-Print AB to request permission to publish from the relevant journals and obtain an ISBN. Find more information about printing your thesis and contact details to the print house

2. Send your completed application to the Head of Department

One week before you submit your application to the Dissertation Committee at KI, you must send your completed application to the Head of Department. 

Head of Department

Senior lecturer

Marie Hasselberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 833 74
Organizational unit: Global health (IHCAR)

Prior to this, please note that your application and attached documents need to be reviewed and signed by the Director of Doctoral Studies at the department.

Director of Doctoral Studies

Project coordinator

Emilie Agardh

Organizational unit: Public Health Epidemiology

3. Submit your application to the Dissertation Committee

You must submit your application to the Dissertation Commitee. A suitable time interval between the meetings of the Dissertation Committee and your desired defence date is about ten weeks. Dates for the Disseration Committee's meetings and deadlines for submitting

This is to protect you from having to postpone your defence if the process is delayed for some reason. 

A few days after their meeting, the Dissertation Committee will send you and your supervisors an e-mail notification of the decision, which can be that your application has been either approved, postponed pending complementary material or clarifications, or rejected.

Find more information about the Dissertation Committee's decision.

4. Nailing and distribution

The act of making a thesis public is called “nailing”. The purpose of nailing is to give people a chance to read your thesis in advance so that they might pose relevant questions during your public defence.

However, before this can be done you will have to have it approved for nailing by a faculty representative. Book an appointment with a faculty representative appointed by the Board of Doctoral Education to endorse your thesis in good time before your public defence. Find more information about nailing and distribution at KI.

5. Announcing your thesis defence

The Communications Officer at the Department will announce your thesis defence in the KI calendar, when the electronic version of your thesis is available in the KI Open Archive database. 

Communications officer

Ida Rutström

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 852 55
Organizational unit: Internal Communications and Operational Support

6. Submit a transcript of your public defence

Hand the completed and signed transcript of your public defence to the educational administrator for doctoral education, who sends it to the Dissertation committee together with at LADOK extract (UT90).

Submit your transcript to: 

Doctoral educational administration

Address: Department of Public Health Sciences
Doctoral educational administration
Karolinska Institutet
SE-171 77 Stockholm
Visiting address: 3rd Floor, the Widerström building
Tomtebodavägen 18A, Solna


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