Half-time review at the Department of Global Public Health

This page describes the process of half-time reviews for doctoral students at the Department of Global Public Health. A half-time review needs to be conducted for every doctoral student who intends to complete the doctoral education.

The aim of the half-time review is primarily to ensure that the learning outcomes for a PhD degree of doctor are well on the way to being achieved.

The half-time review should be carried out two years after admission, or when two years of full-time doctoral education or the equivalent has been completed. You and your principal supervisor are together responsible for arranging the half-time control at the department.

For information about what is required to conduct a half-time review at KI, please see the general information about half-time reviews.

1. Contact the doctoral educational administration

About 4-6 weeks before the set date for your half-time seminar, your Ladok transcript need to be reviewed by the director of doctoral education, to ensure that you meet the study requirements.

Contact the doctoral educational administration at fu-adm.gph@ki.se to forward your Ladok transcript to the director of doctoral education at the department.

2. Hand in proposal for the half-time committee

Your supervisor must propose an impartial half-time committee consisting of three senior researchers to the director of doctoral education. The members should hold a PhD, have adequate knowledge of the subject and no conflicts of interest.

The supervisor is responsible for emailing the proposal to the director of doctoral education and also:

After the proposal the Head of Department appoints the half-time committee.

3. Submit documents to the half-time committee

Two weeks before your half-time seminar, you and your principal supervisor must submit the necessary documents to the members of the half-time committee.

For a complete list of the documents necessary to send to the committee before the seminar, please see the general information about half-time review at KI.

Please note that you need to print the protocol at half-time review (Form 5) and hand it to the half-time committee at the seminar.  Find and download Form 5 at the page forms and documents for doctoral education.

4. Book a room for your seminar

You and your supervisor are responsible for booking a room for the date of your half-time seminar.

5. Announce the half-time seminar in the calendars

The seminar for your half-time review should be announced in the KI Calendar. You are responsible for contacting the Communications Officer at the department with information regarding your half-time seminar.

Please email kommunikation.gph@ki.se and specify the following:

  • Your name and the title of your work/planned thesis
  • Venue and address for the seminar
  • Date and time
  • Name of your supervisor/supervisors

6. Presentation at the seminar

Bring a printed copy of the form Protocol at half-time review (Form 5) and hand to the half-time committee during the seminar. Find and download Form 5 at the page forms and documents for doctoral education.

The seminar should start with a presentation by you and be held in English. Instructions for how to conduct the presentation can be found at the general KI page about half-time reviews.

7. Submit a review form from the seminar

After your half-time seminar; you need to submit a completed and signed original protocol from the half-time review to fu-adm.gph@ki.se for registration in Ladok.

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