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About me

I´ve been affiliated with Aging Research Center (ARC) at Karolinska Institutet since 2004. My background is in Sociology, I received my PhD in Social Work from Stockholm University in 2010, and since 2016 I'm an Associate Professor of Public Health. I currently work as an Assistant Professor at ARC.


  • University Diploma, General and Comparative Literature, Stockholm University.
  • BSc, Sociology, Stockholm University.
  • PhD, Social Work, Stockholm Univeristy.

Research description

As a social scientist working in health research, most of my research concern how the population health is developing over time, and how health problems are distributed between different groups in the population. I´m currently working on a postdoc-project on socioeconomic disparities in health among the oldest old in Sweden. I´m also engaged in research on general health trends among older adults, health among centenarians, and the accumulation and duration of welfare problems in later life.