Administration and service

Employees and students at the Department of Oncology-Pathology have access to administrative and service functions within economy, HR, education, IT and infrastructure. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Visiting address: D2:04, Karolinska University Hospital, Solna

Maria von Witting

Head of Administration

Hanna Sillén

Head of Department secretary, registrar, travel booking and HR administration (extension of employment, stipends, dissertation coverage and travel insurance cards)

Anne Jensen

HR manager, responsible for matters regarding HR at the Department.

Josefin Bergström

HR administrator. Advertisement, work environment issues and HR administration

Anders Ekman

Financial controller. Budget, project follow-up, contracts.

Ann-Charlotte Redebo

Financial controller. Project follow-up, final accounts.

Sara Jalali

Financial controller/Substitute accounting supervisor
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Johan Häggström

Financial controller. Final accounts, project follow-up second cycle education

Xiaobing He

EU project coordinator

Monica Manske

Administrator. Travel and expense claims, health promotion reimbursements, UBW and IDAC (employees and associated)

Erika Rindsjö

Doctoral education administration, registrar, UBW and IDAC (doctoral students) and main editor for

Linda Gillingsjö

Administrator. Second cycle education pathology

Rigmor Forsberg

Administrator of education. Second cycle education oncology.

Sofie Jensen

Administrator of education. Second cycle education pathology, SVK-courses
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Jan Sylvan

IT coordinator. IT support, FixIT.

Vadim Valkovski

IT technician. IT support, FixIT.

Michael Rosendahl


Visiting address: Akademiska stråket 1, Bioclinicum J6:14, 171 64 Solna 

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Paula Mannström

Coordinator, research Theme Cancer, BioClinicum, Biosafety delegate, Procurement officer, SKEDDA administrator
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Katja Pokrovskaja Tamm

Team leader, Coordinator OnkPat, Environment and sustainable development delegate