uMOVE at the KI Culture and Creativity Day 2019

This year, "KI Culture Week 2019" ended with "KI Culture and Creativity day" - a musical program in Aula Medica organized by KI's Rector, KI's Culture Council and MF with a focus on movement and cultural conversations.

The core facility uMOVE - a Platform for Studies of Human Movement Control and BehaviorThe core facility 

uMOVE's Scientific Director Erika Franzén (KI/NVS) introduced the new core facility's mission and vision to offer, through an interdisciplinary approach, a state-of-the-art platform for the study of movement control and behavior for researchers, teachers, students and clinicians, inside and outside KI.

uMOVE "Dancing in the Dark" med Gilmar Dance.

Dancing in the Dark with Gilmar Dance & uMOVE

uMOVE participated as one of the main acts in "KI Culture and Creativity Day" with the dance performance "Dancing in the Dark" with Gilmar Dance and Tanja Tomson (KI/LIME).

3D analysis of the dancers' movements

With the video recording and 3D analysis of the dancer's movements created in uMOVE's laboratory for gait and movement analysis at the Karolinska Hospital in Solna (Motoriklab), we want to visualize how 3D movement analysis can be used to track the dancers' movements. Motoriklab is equipped with 12 motion cameras as well as the latest technology from Vicon, read more about uMOVE's laboratory-based services  here