The goal of the Research School

The overall aim is to establish and run a research school in healthcare science that builds capacity to strengthen the connection between research and education as well as addresses the needs of teaching competence in higher education healthcare programmes.

More specifically, we aim to:

  • Offer the opportunity for researchers to apply for funding for partial financing of doctoral students in high-quality research projects relevant to the needs of healthcare
  • Ensure an impartial call and selection process for prospective doctoral students seeking a position in the research school
  • Offer part-time research studies to allow for teaching in a health professional program at the university where the doctoral student is admitted
  • Offer a cohesive research education with targeted activities together with other healthcare professionals
  • Provide doctoral students with a satisfactory knowledge base through courses and seminars of high scientific and pedagogical quality. Mandatory courses are designed to provide knowledge of concepts, designs, and analyses methods specifically suited for studying and understanding complex processes related to the research area.
  • Offer activities that provide opportunities for national and international cooperation for both doctoral students and supervisors
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