The Developmental Tissue Bank – a KI core facility

The Developmental Tissue Bank provides research groups with defined human embryonic and fetal tissue (“prenatal tissue”), derived from routine abortions, through a collaboration with various clinics. After the tissue is transferred to the facility, we determine the developmental stage, identify the retrieved tissue, perform any necessary dissection, and process the tissue as agreed with the user.

The tissue collected can be delivered immediately to the user or stored in the tissue bank, which is a part of the Stockholm regional biobank (Stockholms Medicinska Biobank – SMB). Tissue delivered without prior treatment is usually kept in commercial hibernation medium, but when necessary it can be kept in other cell media, RNAlater or other solutions depending on what is requested by the user. Tissue can also be fixed or snap-frozen in 2-methylbutane-dry ice. We usually freeze tissue in cryo molds with OCT or in RNAlater. Other procedures can also be arranged.

When tissue is intended for clinical use it is prepared in the cell and gene therapy facility Vecura (Huddinge).

Photo documentation of the preparation of tissue can be provided if agreed.

Each user receiving tissue on a regular basis pays a fee per 6 months. Since we do not have control over the number of patients recruited, we charge half the standard fee for periods when we deliver tissue from less than 8 cases per 6 months. For users requesting fewer samples, we apply a fee per sample.

To get access to tissue from the Developmental Tissue Bank, you send an e-mail to describing what you are interested in, and a one-page description of the project. We first arrange a meeting to discuss what you need and what we can retrieve and collect at various developmental stages. For some tissues and organs we may first have to do tissue sectioning and histological analysis to determine what is possible to dissect at what stages. Sectioning and staining can either be done by the user, or by the core facility for an extra fee.

When human prenatal material is used for research, ethical permits as well as permits from the National board of health and welfare (“Socialstyrelsen”) and SMB are required. We will assist in writing these application, and guide all users through the required procedures.